Bhagwan Vinayak Stories and Slokas

Bhagwan Vinayak Stories and Slokas
Sri Ganeshji

In this article, the links for a few stories pertaining to Bhagwan Sri Ganesh and a few Slokas and Stotrams in prayer to Sri Ganesh published in this web-site are available.


Sri Ganesh and Dhurva Grass

Sri Bala Chandra Ganapathi

Sri Vakra Thunda Ganapathi

Sri Vigna Raja Ganapathi

Sri Vikata Ganapathi


Sri Ganesh Gayathri

Sri Ganesha Slokam

Sri Sankata Hara Ganapthi Stotram

Sri Siddhi Vinayaka Stotram

Sri Vigneshwara Shodasa Nama Stotram

Sri Ganesha Pancharathnam

Sri Ganesha Ashtakam

Sri Gana Nayaka Ashtakam

Sri Ganesha Mangala Ashtakam

Sri Ganesh Aarthi

Sri Ganesh Chalisa

Sri Ganesha Bhujanga Stotram

Sri Runa Hara Ganesha Sthothram


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