Bhagwan Shiv Slokas

Bhagwan Shiv Slokas
Bhagwan Shiv Slokas

There are innumerable Slokas in praise of and as prayer to Bhagwan Sri Shiva who is called Maha Deva, the greatest of the Deities.

The prayers are composed in various Indian languages. A few of such slokas / stotrams are referred in this article.

Sri Shiv Gayathri

Sri Lingashtakam

Sri Shiva Panchakshara Stotram

Sri Shiva Stuthi

Sri Shiv Tandava Stotram

Sri Shiva Ashtakam

Sri Viswanatha Ashtakam

Sri Vaidya Natha Ashtakam

Sri Shiv Chalisa

Sri Dwadasha Jyotirlinga Stotram

Sri Ardha Nareshwara Stotram

Sri Bilva Stotram

Sri Chidambareshwara Stotram

Sri Dharitrya Dahana Stotram

Sri Jwara Hara Stotram

Sri Marga Bandhu Stotram

Sri Parvathi Vallabha Ashtakam

Sri Rudra Ashtakam

Sri Shiva Mahimna Stotram

Sri Shiva Namavalya Ashtakam

Sri Kala Bhairavashtakam

Sri Bhairava Gayathri

Sri Batuka Bhairava Kavacham

Sri Dakshina Murthy Stotram

Sri Nirvana Shathakam

Sri Shiv Arati

Sri Maheshwara Pancha Rathnam

Sri Dakshina Murthy Pancha Rathnam

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