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Welcome to HinduGallery.com. In this portal you will find a huge collection of vintage and unique images of various Hindu deities, temples, artifacts and more. We will also be regularly updating lyrics to various slokhas (devotional verses) in English and other regional Indian languages, audio links to such hymns and devotional songs and much more. You will also find the requirements and procedure for various Poojas performed to various deities. Relevant content will be uploaded constantly making this website a great source for all your devotional needs.

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Polytheism in Hinduism

Polytheism in Hinduism

Learn how Hindiusm adopted to polytheism (Multiple Gods) with an in-depth narration from the ground-up. Also find out how Hindu religion perceives different aspects of life with a specific God.
Hinduism Origin

Hinduism Origin

Hinduism has neither an exact date of commencement nor any person who can claim to be the founder. The Hinduism Origin believed to start from vedic period.
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