Sri Siddhi Vinayak Mandir Mumbai

Sri Siddhi Vinayak

Sri Siddhi Vinayak Mandir dedicated for the worship of Bhagwan Sri Ganesha is located at Prabha Devi, Mumbai, Maharashtra.

The temple was initially a small shrine with a dome. The structure is said to be constructed in 1801. Sri Laxman Vithu and Sri Deubai Patel are said to be the contributors for building the temple.

The main Deity “Sri Siddhi Vinayak” is the granter of the heartfelt wishes. He is also hailed as Navsacha Ganapathi and Navasala Pavanara Ganapthi. The main Deity is in orange red colour and He is sporting a turban on His head.

The main sanctum is under a dome. The wooden doors to the main sanctum have intricated carvings of the Ashta Vinayaks of Maharashtra. The roof of the sanctum is gold plated. The entire mandapam is dazzling. The pillars of the mandapam have different sculptures of Sri Ganesh.

Pujas and aarti are done at regular intervals.

The main tower of the temple is lit up with different types of lights throughout the day. There is a separate shrine for Sri Anjaneya in the premises.

In the mandapam, there are a few vigrahas of mooshika, the vahan of Sri Ganesh. The vigrahas are invariably silver plated. Devotees believe that if they tell their prayers in the ears of the said mooshikas, their problems would get solved. This is similar to devotees telling their prayers in the ears of Sri Nandikeshwara at Shiv Mandir.

All Chathurthi days are celebrated here. Sri Vinayak Chathurthi occuring in Bhagrapada month is celebrated in a grand manner.

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