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Sri Pallikondeshwar Temple is situated at Suruttapalli which is near Thirupathi at Andhra Pradesh. The temple is ascribed to the worship of Bhagwan Shiv. The specialty of this temple is that Bhagwan Shiv appears in reclining pose similar to Bhagwan Sri Vishnu. Sri Shiv is reclining on the lap of His consort Sri Sarva Mangalambika.

Suruttappali is said to be one of the pancha shiva kshetras. The other four are Sri Ramagiri, Sri Vada Thillai, Sri Ariya Thurai and Sri Chinthamani. These five temples are said to come into existence based on the request of Sri Brahma and Sri Saraswathi.

Another specialty of this temple is that Pradosha puja was initiated at this temple only and is being followed for so many years. The said puja was introduced in other Shiva temples only later.

Most of the Deities worshipped in this temple appear as family. It is believed that the celebration of Pradosham initiated at this temple. During every pradosham day, abhishekam is also done for Sri Nandikeshwar.

As per the legend, when Bhagwan Shiv and Sri Parvathi Devi were returning to Kailash after Samudra mardhan, Bhagwan Shiv had swooned down due to the effect of halahala poison in His throat. Sri Parvathi Devi had immediately put His head on Her lap. The place of this happening is said to be Sri Suruttappalli Kshetram.

Soon on entering the temple premises, we are blessed with the darshan of Sri Nandikeshwar who is facing the Rajagopuram.

Sri Nandikeshwar at the entrance

Rajagopuram is small with three tiers.

Raja Gopuram

Another unique feature of this temple is that there are no Dwara palaks for the main sanctum. Instead, we have the darshan of Sri Sanga Nithi with His consort Vasundhara and Sri Padhuma Nithi with His consort Vasumathy.

Pradosha Nandi is in Maha Mandapam.


Through the Maha Mandapam, we reach the main sanctum where we get to have the darshan of Sri Maragadhambika first. She has simham as Her vahanam and She is in standing posture.

Dhwaja Sthambam

In the Artha Mandapam outside the sanctum, Karpaka Vruksham is depicted in the left side and Kama Dhenu is depicted in the right side. It is considered auspicious to do Kumkuma Archana here.

Mandapam side view

At the entrance of the sanctum of Sri Maragadhambika, we get to have the darshan of Sri Salagrama Ganapathi and Sri Subramanya. It is believed that doing perambulation of Sri Maragadhambika sanctum would bring prosperity to the family.

At the koshtam of Sri Ambal Sanctum, Sri Thripura Sundari, Sri Mahalakshmi, Sri Saraswathi and Sri Annapoorni are depicted in the form of beautiful sculptures.

Sri Maragathambika – Photo from Sthala Puranam book

During perambulation, we can get the darshan of Sri Appar, Sri Sundarar and Sri Thiru Gnana Sambandar at the left side. Then we are blessed with the darshan of Sri Valmiki Maharishi.

If we proceed further, we get the darshan of Sri Ekapadha Trimurthy. This Murthy is the spiritual combination of Sri Shiv, Sri Vishnu and Sri Brahma. Here, Sri Shiv is on His Nandhi, Sri Vishnu is on His Garuda and the four faced Sri Brahma is on His Hamsa are depicted and sculpted in a single stone.

Sri Dakshina Murthy with His consort – Photo from Sthala Puranam book

Then we are blessed with the darshan of Sri Vara Siddhi Vinayaka who is in a separate sanctum.

Going further, we are blessed with the darshan of Sri Jwara Hara Murthy. As per the legend, once Dewas were afflicted with heavy fever. Bhagwan Shiv had taken the Avathar of Sri Jwara Hara Murthy having three heads, three legs and three hands with a hand holding the firepot. It is believed that worshipping this Deity would result in alleviation of fever.

Sri Jwara Hara Murthy and Sri Vishnu Bhiarav are depicted on the same dais. Next, we get the darshan of Sri Gnana Durga. She has a parrot in Her hand. The parrot is called as Vak-Vaghini and it is perched on Kadaga Rasi symbol on Devi’s hand.

Other Deities – Photo from Sthala Puranam book

In the North-side, Sri Subramanya blesses us with His two consorts. He is facing south and hence is called as Sri Shiv Guru. Worshipping Him alleviates fear.

Then we get the darshan of Sri Raja Mathangi. It is believed that worshipping Her will bestow Raja Yogam. Then we get the darshan of Sri Chandikeswara Swamy.

There is a separate sanctum for Saptha Matha, the seven manifestations of Sri Durga Devi. They appear on their respective vahans such as Sri Brahmi on Hamsa vahan, Sri Maheshwari on Nandi Vahan, Sri Kaumari on Peacock vahan, Sri Vaishnavi on Garuda vahan, Sri Varahi on Varaha vahan, Sri Indrani on Airavatha vahan and Sri Chamundi on Mahisha vahan.

Sri Nataraja Sivakami – Depiction

There is a separate shrine for Sri Venugopal Swamy.

Sri Nandikeshwar appears in praying pose as Adhikara  Nandhi.

At the eastern side, there is a sanctum for Sri Rama, SeethaDevi, Sri Lakshman and Sri Hanuman. There is also a dedicated shrine for the Navagrahas.

When we do the parikrama, we get the darshan of Sri Ganapathi and Sri Subramanya. Sri Valmeekeshwar Sanctum is nearer to Sri Ambika shrine.

Between the two shrines, we get the darshan of Sri Dakshina Murthy who appears with His Gowri Devi on His left side. Dakshina Murthy appearing with His consort is the unique feature of this temple. It is believed that worshipping this Dakshina Murthy shall bless and bestow the devotees with education, wisdom, wealth and all prosperity.

Parikrama View

At the main sanctum, we get the darshan of Sri Valmeekeshwar. As per the legend, Sri Valmiki Maharishi had tried to make a Shiv Ling before commencing to write Ramayana; But he could not succeed; He had ardently prayed to Bhagwan and Shiv Murthy had manifested Himself into a Shiv Ling for the worship of Sri Valmiki.

The vigraha of Sri Valmiki and Sri Surya are worshipping Bhagwan Shiv.

Sthala Vruksham

Sri Pallikondeswara is in a separate shrine. The Dwara palaks are called as Thindi and Mundi. Sri Eswara is reclining on the lap of Sri Sarva Mangala Devi. He is surrounded by Bhagwan Vinayak, Sri Subramanya, Sri Brahma, Bhagwan Maha Vishnu, Sri Narada, Sri Chandra, Sri Kubera, Sri Surya, Sage Agasthya, Sage Bruhu, Sage Pulasthya, Sage Gauthama, Sri Thumbura, Sage Vasishta, Sage Vishvamithra, Sage Valmiki and Sri Indra.

Sri Pallikondeshwara – Depiction

At this sanctum, we are offered Sadari Seva and given theertham.

Sthala Puranam Depiction

There is a separate sanctum having all the nine grahas.

The temple is open from 06.00 A.M to 12.00 Noon and from 04.00 P.M to 08.00 P.M. All Pradosham days, Thiruvadirai Star days, Shivrathri days including Maha Shivrathri, All New Year days and Navarathri are celebrated at this temple by conducting special pujas.

Sri Shani Yantra Depiction

The temple can be reached from Chennai and Thirupathi / Kalahasthi by bus or Taxi.

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