Sri Murugan Temple Mailam

Sri Murugan Temple Mailam
Sri Murugan Temple Mailam

Mailam which is also called as Mayilam is situated near Tindivanam Town in Tamil Nadu. At Mailam, there is a temple dedicated for the worship of Bhagwan Sri Muruga. The temple is under the auspices of Sri Veera Saiva Mutt of Bommaiya Palayam peerage.

Sri Mailam Murugan temple is situated on a small hillock. A few steps are to be mounted to reach the sanctum. The hillock appears in the shape of the peacock with the widespread feathers. Hence this place is also called as Mayurachalam. The hillock has abundant Nochi trees (Chaste Trees).

Mailam Murugan

As per the legend, when Sri Muruga had dimished the demon Sura Padma, the demon had requested and prayed to Sri Subramanya to give him salvation after his end. Bhagwan was moved by his plea and asked the Asura to take the form of peacock and do penance.

Sura Padma took the form of peacock and did penance at this hillock. Hence this place is known as Mayila Malai which later on become Mailam. Bhagwan Muruga was pleased with the penance of the peacock and accepted it as His vahan.

Mailam Murugan
Sanctum View

As per another legend, it is believed that Bhagwan Muruga had given salvation to Shankanna, one of the warriors of Shiv Gana clan at this place. As Shankanna was earlier involved in a misdeed, he was cursed by Bhagwan Shiva. On plea by Shankanna, Bhagwan Shiv had ordained that Shankanna do penance at Mailam and that Bhagwan Muruga would grant him salvation.

Bhagwan Muruga appears in wedding posture with Sri Valli and Sri Deyvanai (Thirumana kolam) in this temple.

Those with matrimonial wishes worship here. The darshan of Sri Muruga here is also set to alleviate the sins.

As per another legend, Sri Bala Siddha had attained Jeeva Samadhi salvation only here. During Sura Samharam festival celebrated every year, the holy spear of Bhagwan Muruga is kept at the sanctum of Bala Siddhar and then taken to Sri Subramanya.

First, we have the darshan of Sri Bala Siddhar and then we are blessed with the darshan of Sri Subramanya Swamy. Sri Muruga is flanked by Sri Valli and Sri Devyani on either side. He has the holy spear in one hand and the rooster inscribed flag in the other hand.

Sri Muruga is adorned with garland made of Nochi leaves first during morning Puja. Only then the flower garlands are applied. Outside the sanctum of Sri Muruga, there are huge vigrahas of His holy spear (Vel) and His vahan peacock.

Mailam Murugan
Perambulation view

Every Tuesday, during Kala Sandhi Puja, special archana is done to this Vel Statue. Participating in this puja is said to alleviate financial strains.

Near the Urchava Murthy of Sri Muruga, the vigraha of Sri Veera Bhagu is kept. Sri Veera Bhagu is the warrior created by Bhagwan Shiv to assist Bhagwan Muruga. Every Tuesday, special puja is done to Sri Veera Bhagu. It is believed that participating in this puja results in fructifying of marriage alliances.

Sri Muruga appears with silver kavacham in the mornings and gold kavacham in the evening. His vahan peacock is facing north. This is an unique feature of this temple.

The Panguni Uthsavam festival is celebrated in the temple in the grand manner. All Sashti days, Tuesdays are special days here. Further, Thai Poosam, Vaikasi Visakam and all days of Karthikai month are celebrated grandly in this temple.

Mailam Murugan
Sri Matam temple

The temple is open from 06.00 A.M to 12.30 P.M and from 4.00 P.M to 8.00 P.M. During festival times, the timings may differ.

The visit to the temple is believed to bestow peace of mind, fulfilment of the wishes and prosperity.

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