Sri Maha Devar Temple Thirparappu

Sri Maha Devar Temple

Thirparappu is the small town situated at the banks of Kothayar river at Kanyakumari District of Tamil Nadu. The place is famous for the Thirparappu waterfalls. The place was earlier called as Sri Visalam and Sree Vilasapuram. The temple is also called as Sri Veera Bhadreswarar Temple.

Temple Entrance

Sri Maha Devar Temple is situated right near the water falls.

Thirparappu Waterfalls

The temple is ascribed for the worship of Bhagwan Shiv in the name of Sri Maha Deva. As per the legend, Bhagwan Shiv is worshipped in the form of Sri Veera Bhadra (one of the Rudra forms).


As per the legend, it is believed that Bhagwan Shiv had come here to meditate to quell His fiery after diminishing Daksha. Daksha was the father of Sati (the earlier form of Sri Parvathi Devi) and he had married off his daughter to Rudra (the earlier form of Bhagwan Shiv). He had continuously disrespected his son-in-law and it resulted in his diminution.

Sanctum Entrance

The temple is said to be built in 9th Century. As per the legend, it is believed that Sri Adi Sankaracharya had visited this place. The King Sri Vishakam Thirunal, an ardent Shiv Bhakth used to visit the temple for Shiv worship.

Outer Courtyard

The temple is built in Kerala type architecture. After Dwajasthambam, we come to the main sanctum. Near Bali Peetam, to the left side lies the sanctum of Sri Shiva Jwara Lingam.

Main Sanctum outside Parkrama path

In the same place, we get the darshan of Sri Parvathi Devi. There is a sanctum for Sri Ganapathy at this place. Both Sri Parvathi Devi and Sri Ganapathi are facing east.

Sanctums in Parikrama path

The main sanctum is in circular shape. The surrounding wall is made of stone and the roof is made of copper.

Sri Krishna Sanctum

We get the darshan of Sri Veera Bhadra Swamy in the form of Shiv Ling. He is facing west. As He is in one of His fiercest forms, Sri Nandi is not facing Him directly.

Sri Sastha Sannidhi

On perambulation of the main sanctum, we get the darshan of Sri Nandikeshwara Swamy in a separate sanctum.

Sri Shiv in stone enclosure

The outer wall of the main sanctum is adorned with deepams. When we come out of the main sanctum, we do the perambulation of the outer court yard.

Sri Subramanya Sannidhi

First, we get the darshan of Sri Aiyappa Swamy in a separate sanctum. Then, we get the darshan of Sri Krishna Swamy in a sanctum set in an ornate mandapam. When we continue our parikrama, we get to the sanctum of Sri Muruga. He is facing west.

Sri Vinayaka in small enclosure

Then we continue to have the darshan of Sri Bhadra Kali in a sanctum. There is also a sanctum for Sri Hanuman.

Sthala Vruksham

There is another Shiv sanctum inside the temple set in a stone enclosure. It is called as Sripada Sivappirai.

Kothayar river

From the side entrance of the temple, we can get into the Kothayar river. There is a mandapam in the river.

Mandapam in the river

The temple is open from 05.00 A.M to 12.00 Noon and from 05.00 P.M to 08.00 P.M.

Maha Shivrathri is the major festival celebrated at this temple. This temple is the third of the twelve Shivalaya Ottam (run) temples. All the twelve temples are situated in Kanyakumari District.

Annual Brahmotsavam is held in Panguni month. Arudra darshan in Margazhi month is celebrated as Valiya Thiruvadirai.

Thirparappu can be reached through bus either from Thiruvananthapuram or Nagarkoil. Taxis can also be booked.

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