Phagu Dashami

Phagu Dashami
Sri Krishna and Sri Radha

Phagu Dashami is the forerunner for Holi. It occurs on the Shukla Paksha Dashami of Phaluguna month. The ensuing festival occurs on Tuesday, 19th March 2024. The exact duration of the Dashami Tithi has to be ascertained from the respective regional calendar.

Phagu Dashami is ascribed to Sri Radha and Sri Krishna. The celebration is part of the Basantotsav (Vasantotsav) spring festivals. This also marks the first day of Dol Yatra at Orissa.

Phagu Dashami also heralds the commencement of Holi festivities. The ultimate Holi festival is called as Dol Purnima.

Phagu Dashami
Sri Krishna with Sri Radha

Phagu Dashami – celebrations

The vigrahas of Sri Radha and Sri Krishna are kept in the swing. The idols are decorated with flowers. Traditional Holi powders such as Gulal and Abhir are smeared on the vigrahas.

This ritual is observed for six days from Dashami to Purnima day at the residences, temples and mandaps.

As per the legend, Sri Krishna had played with Gopikas from Phagu Dashami to Holi. To commemorate this, the Deities Sri Krishna and Sri Radha are taken as procession. The Deities are referred to as Thakur Radha and Thakur Krishna.

The procession stops invariably at every house and the householder offers ‘’Dwari Bhog” to Sri Krishna as mark of respect. This is usually in the form of dakshina.

The concept behind the festival is that the God Himself will approach the devotees despite the devotees thronging the temple.

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