Sri Hanuman Jayanthi

Sri Hanuman Jayanthi
Sri Hanuman

Sri Hanuman Jayanthi is the festival ascribed to the birth of Sri Anjaneya Swamy. It occurs on the full moon day of the Chaithra month. For 2021, it occurs on Tuesday, 27th April 2021. The exact duration of the Pournami Tithi has to be ascertained from the respective Regional Calendars.

Sri Hanuman Jayanthi
Sri Veera Maruthi

Sri Hanuman Jayanthi – Legend

There are several legends pertaining to the birth of Sri Hanuman. A few of them are narrated in this article.

Sri Hari and Narada

This legend is said to pertain to Sri Vishnu Puran and Narada Puran.

Narada’s visit

Once, Sage Narada visited Vaikunt to have the darshan of Sri Narayana. Sri Vishnu asked him the purpose of his visit. Narada told that he was besotted with a princess and was intent on marrying her. He said that he wanted to attend the swayamvar organized in that respect.

Narada requested Sri Vishnu to make him to look as beautiful as Him. He asked for a ‘Hari mukh’. Sri Vishnu had granted the face desired by Him.


Narada duly attended the Swayamvar. The Princess looked at Narada and burst out laughing. The entire gathering was in mirth. Narada was intrigued. He saw in the mirror and found that he was granted a monkey face.

Narada got furious at being played at.


He came back to Vaikunt and asked Sri Ranganath as to why He did that. His rage was so severe that on seeing Sri Purushothama, he immediately cursed Him, “you have humiliated me by giving me a monkey face. May you be dependent on a monkey face”.

Sri Achyutha soothed him and explained, “You have asked for Hari-mukh. Hari also has the meaning of ‘vanara’. You are a sage. What you have felt about the girl is only an infatuation. I know that it would pass soon. For your level of spirituality, you cannot be confined to family life. So, I have only saved you from committing anything foolhardy.”

Narada had cooled down by then. He repented at his hasty curse. He instantly apologized to Sri Hari.

Sri Narayana’s remarks

Sri Narayana said, “You are a pious sage. Even if you repent, your curse cannot be revoked. I will put your curse to good use when I take Rama Avathar. I will be blessed to have the assistance and help of Vanaras.”

Thus, the appearance of Sri Hanuman was already pre-decided.

Sri Vayu Puthra

Sri Hanuman is called as Sri Vayu Puthra which means, ‘’the son of Vayu”.  As per the legend, Anjana and her husband Kesari were praying to Lord Shiva who was in the form of Sri Rudra. They were worshipping Lord Shiv seeking progeny.


Dasharatha, the emperor of Ayodhya was conducting a putra kameshti yagna seeking progeny. At the end of the Yagna, the sweet prasad named payasam had emerged. As ordained, the prasad had to be consumed by the three wives of Dasharatha namely, Kousalya, Kaikeyi and Sumithra. Hence, Dasharatha had divided the prasad amongst his wives.


At that time, a kite flew in at Dasharatha’s place. It had dipped itself in a portion of the prasad and flew away. It went above the place where Kesari and Anjana were praying. With the help of the wind (vayu), the prasad which was stuck to the kite had fallen in the hands of Anjana. She took it.

Prasad effect

Due to the effect of the prasad, Kausalya gave birth to Sri Rama. Kaikeyi’s son is Sri Bharatha. Sri Lakshmana and Sri Shathrugna are the children of Sumithra.

As Anjana also partook a portion albeit a small quantity, she too was blessed with the progeny. Her son is Sri Hanuman.

Vayu putra

As Sri Hanuman was born with the support given by vayu, He is called as Vayu Putra.

There is also a belief that Lord Shiva had ordained Vayu to bestow powers to Anjana to carry Sri Anjaneya in her womb.

Lord Shiva

As per another belief, Sri Anjaneya is also considered as a manifestation of Lord Shiva. In all Shiva temples, a shrine or atleast a pillar has the sculpture of Sri Hanuman. People apply butter on Sri Hanuman as part of worship.

Sri Hanuman in service of Sri Ram

Sri Hanuman is the epitome of unwavering and unstinted support and service to Lord Rama. He had surrendered his mind, body and soul to Sri Ram.

It was Sri Hanuman who had found out where Sri Seetha Devi was kept in hostage by Raavan. Till then, Lord Ram was clueless as to Sri Seetha’s whereabouts.

Sri Ram and Lakshman
Sri Ram and Sri Lakshman

Sri Hanuman had helped Sri Ram and Sri Lakshman in building the bridge to crossover to Sri Lanka.

When Sri Lakshman passed out due to the effect of Indrajith’s weapon, Sri Hanuman had brought Sanjeevi hill for treating Sri Lakshman.

Sri Hanuman Jayanthi
Sri Sanjeevi Anjaneya

During the final war with Ravan, Lord Ram was about to fight by standing on the ground while Raavan was in his chariot. Sri Hanuman had lifted Sri Ram on His shoulders and adjusted His height accommodating Sri Rama’s position equal to Ravan.

Apart from all these, the services done by Sri Hanuman to Sri Ram cannot be merely measured in words. The complete submission by Sri Hanuman is unparalleled and incomparable.

Sri Hanuman Jayanthi
Sri Rama Anjaneya

Sri Hanuman is called Chiranjeevi. He lives in all the places where Sri Rama is thought of and Sri Rama’s name is chanted.

Sri Hanuman’s life – legends

There are several legends pertaining to the life of Sri Hanuman.

Sri Hanuman and the Sun

When He was a baby, Sri Hanuman used to play with His mother Anjana and father Kesari. Whenever Kesari had to go out and Anjana had to go to forest to get fruits and meals, Vayu used to look after Sri Hanuman.

One day, Kesari had to go out on official duty. Anjana was playing with her child. She left Him to Vayu and went to the forest. Vayu was playing with the child by blowing the flowers and the leaves. He also made an air cushion for the baby to rest.

Baby Hanuman was hungry. He could not find either His Mom or any fruit. At that time, Sun was rising. He thought that the rising Sun was a fruit.

He rushed for the Sun. Vayu also playfully helped Him to propel forward. Baby Hanuman went atop a hill and from there surged to the sky. Even Vayu could not stop Him.

Sun was aghast that a kid was coming near him. Even Lord Indra was terrified. Baby Hanuman was fascinated with Airavatha, the elephant of Indra. Baby Hanuman started to play with Airavatha’s tusk.

Indra got petrified. He thought that the child would get to danger. So, with his weapon, he had pushed the child. The baby got injured in the face.

Baby Hanuman was falling down. Vayu took the baby in his hands, brought it down to earth, took him to a cave and shut the cave.

The entire universe was suffocating without air. Indra had pleaded with Vayu to come out. Vayu then came out bearing the child.

There was air circulation once again. Indra blessed the child as Chiranjeevi which means eternal life.

Sri Hanuman and Shani

Sri Hanuman had Lord Surya as His teacher and Guru. Lord Surya had taught Him all the scriptures. Sri Hanuman wanted to give Sri Surya some Gurdakshina. But Sri Surya refused to accept any fees. However, Sri Hanuman was insistent that He should pay some fees.

Then Sri Surya told Him, “My son Shani does not obey me. He is most selfish. Can you make him see reason and behave appropriately?”.

Sri Hanuman went to Shani lok. Shani was surprised as to how Sri Hanuman had entered without a hitch while it was difficult for others. He wanted to test His prowess.

So, Shani sat on the shoulders of Sri Hanuman. Sri Hanuman grew up in His size. He had almost reached the roof. Shani was getting crushed between the roof and Sri Hanuman. He pleaded to Him to leave him. On getting down, he bowed to Sri Hanuman. He also promised Sri Hanuman that he would not affect those who sincerely worship Sri Rama and Sri Hanuman.

Sri Hanuman then blessed him. Shani asked for the remedy for the pain caused due to the crushing. Sri Hanuman advised him to apply gingelly oil. That is the reason for offering gingelly oil to Shani.

Sri Hanuman Jayanthi
Sri Rama Pattabhishekam

Sri Hanuman and Sindhoor

This story pertains to the period after Sri Rama Pattabhishekam. One day, Sri Seetha Devi was coming after Her morning rituals to meet Sri Rama. She was sporting Sindhoor on the head where the hair was parted. Sri Hanuman met Her on the way. He bowed to Her and asked the reason for the Sindhoor. She said that it was for the welfare of Her husband and as such, an expression of love. Sri Hanuman was overwhelmed with Her answer.

When Sri Hanuman met Sri Rama next time, Sri Hanuman was fully red in colour. When Sri Rama asked the reason, Sri Hanuman told Him that He always aspired for Sri Rama’s welfare and that was the reason for smearing the Sindhoor allover His body.

Sri Rama was quite touched with the unbridled show of affection and love.

Sri Hanuman and Sri Rama’s yawn

This also pertains to the period after Sri Rama Pattabhishekam. Sri Hanuman had requested Sri Rama that He should be allowed to do a service to Sri Rama which was not done by others.

Sri Rama had conveyed this to His family members. The family members were already a bit annoyed that Sri Hanuman always remained by Sri Rama’s side and that none of them could approach Sri Rama easily.

However, in order to humor Sri Hanuman, each of the family members had prepared the list of services that they were providing to Sri Rama. Sri Lakshmana had consolidated them all and gave to Sri Hanuman.

Sri Hanuman had gone through the list. Then He told, “I want to be the one who snaps the fingers at Sri Rama’s mouth whenever He yawns”. They all thought snapping of fingers for yawn was hardly a service.

Having accepted on the type of service, Sri Hanuman got even more nearer to Sri Rama. He was always looking at Sri Rama’s face all the time waiting for Him to yawn.

The turn of events worried all. Sri Seetha Devi thought of a plan. She made a bundle of temple prasad and called Sri Hanuman. At that time, Kaushalya was in a far-off place.

Sri Seetha Devi called Sri Hanuman and told Him, “You are the most favorite person to Sri Rama. This bundle contains the temple prasad. Raja Matha is far away. Sri Rama will be happy if you yourself deliver this to her.” Sri Hanuman obliged immediately. It was quite early in the morning.

Sri Seetha was surprised that Sri Rama did not wake up even after Sunrise that day. She went there to check. Sri Rama had kept His eyes and mouth open. He did not respond to anyone.

Everyone was shocked. Even the palace physician could not ascertain the cause as all the vitals were perfect. Sage Vasishta was called for. He knew that Lord Rama was playing a game to teach others a lesson.

Sri Hanuman had returned to the palace. On hearing the news, He immediately rushed to Sri Rama’s chamber and snapped His fingers at Sri Rama’s mouth. Sri Rama immediately responded.

By this, Sri Rama had made it known that even a small service would count and that it was only the sincerity of the service that matters and not the size of the service.


At the end of Sri Rama Avathar, Sri Rama called Sri Hanuman and told,” I am returning to Vaikuntam. You can come with me”.

Sri Hanuman asked, “will you be there always?

Sri Rama said, “I will be mostly there only. At times I may have to come out to take care of some eventualities”.

Sri Hanuman asked, “what is your name in Vaikunt?

Sri Rama said, “I have several names. At Vaikunt, I am called as Narayana or Vishnu”.

Sri Hanuman asked, “will anyone call you ‘Rama’ there?

Sri Rama said, “not likely”.

Then, Sri Hanuman humbly told Rama,” First, you say that you may not always be available at Vaikunt. Second, even if you are there, no one will call you ‘Rama’. I cannot live without hearing your name. I will remain here at earth. I am sure that your name will be mentioned and chanted here always. I will live wherever and whenever your name is thought of, mentioned and chanted. Please bless me.”

Sri Hanuman Jayanthi
Sri Rama Jayam

Sri Rama blessed Sri Hanuman to be ‘’Chiranjeevi’’ which means being eternally alive.

Sri Hanuman Jayanthi – celebrations

The celebrations of Sri Hanuman Jayanthi is done both at homes as well as at all temples.

At homes, special pujas are done in prayer to Lord Anjaneya. At all Vishnu, Ram and Anjaneya temples, special pujas are done.

Hanuman chalisa and other Hanuman slokas are recited with devotion. Discourses on Sri Ramayanam are also conducted.

At some places, weeklong celebrations are held.

Sri Hanuman Jayanthi
Sri Ram Lakshman Janaki – Jai bolo Hanuman ki

Sri Hanuman – other names

Sri Hanuman is known by innumerable names. Some of them are Sri Maruthi, Sri Vayuputhra, Chiranjeevi and Sri Anjaneya

For doing archana, Ashtothara Satha Namavali is recited.

Sri Hanuman Sthuthi

मनोजवं मारुत तुल्यवेगं
जितेन्द्रियं बुध्दिमतां वरिष्टम्
वातात्मजं वानर यूथ मुख्यं
श्रीरामदूतं शिरसा नमामि

manoajavaM maarutha thulyavaegaM
jithaendhriyaM buDhdhimathaaM variShtam
vathaathmajaM vaanara yooTha mukhyaM
shreeraamadhoothaM shirasaa namaami

Sri Hanuman has the swift insight; He is as fast as the wind; He has the complete command over His senses; He is the supreme amongst the wise scholars; He is the son of the wind God Vayu; He is the chief of the vanara army.
I humbly surrender and bow my head to Sri Anjaneya, the emissary of Sri Rama.

ख्यात: श्रीरामदूत: पवन तनूभव: पिंगलाक्ष: शिखावान्
सीता शोकापहारि दशमुखविजयी लक्ष्मण प्राणदाता
आनेता भेष्जाद्रे लवणजलनिधे लंघ्ने दीक्षितो य
वीर श्रीमान् हनूमान् मम मनसि वसन् कार्यसिध्दिं तनोतु

khyaathah shreeraamadhoothah pavana thanooBhavah pingalaakShah shikhaavaan
seethaa shoka-apahaari dhashamukha-vijayee lakShmaNa praana-dhaathaa
aanethaa BheShjaadhre lavaNajalaniDhe langhne dheekShithoa ya
veera shreemaan hanoomaan mama manasi vasan kaarya-siDhdhiM thanothu

May the ever-strong Hanuman, who is eminently intellectual, strong and fearless, who is the emissary of Sri Rama, who is the son of Vayu, who has the reddish eyes, who has hair as the crown, who has eliminated the grief of Seetha Devi, who has prevailed over Ravan, who saved the life of Lakshmana and who has intended to cross the ocean, enable my attempts to be successful by always being in my heart.


Sri Maha Vishnu is mentioned in a few of His names such as Sri Hari, Sri Narayana, Sri Achyutha, Sri Purushothama and Sri Vishnu.

It may be noted that Sri Hanuman Jayanthi is celebrated in Tamil Nadu on the Moola Star day of Margazira month. It is said to be celebrated on the first day of Hindu new year at Orissa. At some places, Sri Hanuman Jayanthi is celebrated a day before Deepavali.

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