Malai Mandala Perumal Temple Sadras

Malai Mandala Perumal

Mahabalipuram, the treasure house which scripted the world of sculpture is rich in its heritage of monuments depicting the Hindu culture, civilization, worships etc., to mention a few. The areas surrounding Mahabalipuram have ancient temples which have stood the test of times.

One of such areas is Chadurangappatinam nicknamed as SADRAS which sounds similar to MADRAS. By the way, Chadurangam in Tamil means, a square with parts. Colloquially, even Chess Game is called as Chadurangam because of presence of squares. Sadras was earlier known as Raja Narayan Pattinam and Chadhura Vasam Pattinam.

In Tamil, Bhagwan Vishnu is always called ‘Perumal’ which means a person of proud achievements and who blesses His devotees to achieve more.

Malai Mandala Perumal means Vishnu in a hilly region. The temple is said to be atleast 1300 years old and is said to be built in 850 A.D and has connections with Vijaya Nagara Dynasty.  The temple is also hailed as South Badrinath. The Rajagopuram was added in the recent years.

The main sanctum is at an elevation of three feet from the artha mandapam which can be reached beyond Dwajasthambam.


DwajasthambamSri Garudan, the vehicle of Bhagwan Vishnu is attired with eight Nagas (snakes) around his person. One is on his head, one each in each ear as ring, two entwined as garland in the neck, one on each shoulder and the last one on His hip as belt. Hence Sri Garuda is called Ashta (8) Naga Garudazhwar. The tip of the Kireetam of Sri Garuda is in the same line with the Kireetam tip of Sri Perumal.

Instead of praying mudra, He holds lotus in His hand. Abhishekam is done to Sri Garuda. The devotees light ghee lamps at this shrine for the fulfilment of their wishes. Devotees also offer the pudding named Amirtha Kalasa Kozhukkattai as Neivedyam. Worshipping Sri Garuda is said to cater for nullifying sarpa (naaga) dosha.

Sanctum of Sri Lakshmi Narayana and Sri Mahalakshmi is in the front mandapam. Earlier, this Murthy was considered as the presiding Deity. Earlier, the temple was called Lakshmi Narayana Temple and with the presence of Malai Mandala Perumal on the hillock the Temple is now called after the hill God.


At the entrance of the main sanctum, there is the depiction of Sri Yoga Narasimha. In most of the Perumal temples, only Sri Gajalakshmi is depicted.

The moolavar is Sri Malai Mandala Perumal is six feet tall. The Vigraha is self-manifested. His chakra is in readiness pose which is called as prayoga chakra.  He has a step slightly forward which denotes that He is ready to redress the troubles of His devotees.

He is with Sri Devi and Bhu Devi on either side. Sridevi looks down at the earth and appears to be taller than Bhoodevi, while Bhoodevi is looking straight ahead. Hence it is believed that vaasthu doshas will fade away for an ardent worshipper here.

Sanctum Vimanam

The Urchava Murthy is called as Sri Giri Varathar with Sri Devi and Bhu Devi.

Sri Mahalakshmi is called as Sri Perundevi Thayar. She blesses in a separate shrine. There are sanctums for Sri Ram, Sri Seetha, Sri Lakshman and Sri Anjaneya, Sri Ranganatha, Sri Andal, Sri Vishnu Durga and Alwars.

Parikrama View

The temple has a unique lamp which is said to be brought from a devotee’s house in Chidambaram. Garudas are depicted at the top and parrots are depicted at the bottom. Devotees seeking prosperity in life pour ghee in this lamp. During Shravana star of Purattasi month, special pujas are done to this lamp.

The Anjaneya vigraha in the sanctum is said to be made of five metals (pancha uloha) and He has flowers in His hands.

Sri Raghavendra Swamy had stayed here and gave discourses to his disciples.

There are impressive ancient copper inscriptions in the doors.

It is ardently believed that worshipping at this temple shall result in the blessing and bestowing of fructification of marriage proposals, child boon and reunion of estranged families.

The temple has nandavanam with beautiful flowers. The entire temple premises is calm, divine and serene.


Special Pujas are done on all Ekadashi days. Theerthavari at the sea is done during Masi Makam day.

The temple is open from 06.00 A.M to 10.00 A.M and from 05.00 P.M to 08.00 P.M.

Sadras can be reached by bus from Chennai, Chengalpet and Kalpakkam. Taxis can also be booked for the ECR route. Vengambakkam is the junction to gain access to this place.

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