Vibhuvana Sankashti Chathurthi

Vibhuvana Sankashti Chathurthi
Vibhuvana Sankashti Chathurthi

Vibhuvana Sankashti Chathurthi Vrat is observed by invoking Bhagwan Ganesha. This Sankashti Chathurthi Vrat occurs in the Krishna Paksha Chathurthi of Adhik Sravan month. Adhik Mas is also called as Purushotham Mas.

The general form of Sri Sankashti Ganapathi as the destroyer of troubles is of golden hue, attired in blue dress sitting on red lotus. He is in varadha mudra bestowing abundance and is holding a goad, a noose and a bowl of payasam.

Vibhuvana Sankashti Chathurthi is on Friday, 4th August 2023 for the Year 2023. The exact duration of the Chathurthi Tithi and the time of the moon rise are to be ascertained from the respective regional calendar.

The form of Sri Vinayaka for worshipping in this Vrat is Sri Vibhuvana Palaka Maha Ganapthi. The Peeta is Sri Dhurva Bilva Pathra.

Vrat Katha

As per the legend, the significance of Vibhuvana Sankashti Chathurthi is said to be explained by Sage Vyasa to Draupathi when Pandavas and Draupathi were in exile at the forest.

There was a King named Chandrasena who was a good ruler. His wife Rathnavali was quite devoted and devout. However, they were not blessed with the progeny. They came to the forest to do penance.

Unknowingly, they had come to the Ashram of Sage Markandeya. Seeing him, they prostrated before him and told their plight.

The Sage told them that the King Chandrasena was a King in his previous birth as well. At that time, he had apparently gone to the forest for hunting. There, he had seen a few Naga Kanyas dressed in red doing some puja. He asked them as to what puja they were performing. They informed him that they are doing Sankashti Chathurthi Puja invoking Bhagwan Ganesh in the Adhik Mas. They also told him that such puja would relieve them of their troubles.

The King also then vowed to do the puja. He had prospered. However, he had done the puja as vowed. He had an untimely death and again born as a King. He had surmised that, due to karma effect of failing to observe the sankashti Vrat in the previous birth, he was deprived of progeny.

As advised by Sage Markandeya, the King and the queen had observed Vrat and performed puja on the Sankashti Chathurthi falling in the Adhik Mas. Their prayer and wish were fulfilled.

Sankashti Chathurthi Vrat

There are a few legends pertaining to the significance of Sri Sankashti Chathurthi. The legend is said to be mentioned in Sri Vinayaka Puran.


The devotees wake up early in the morning. After bathing, the puja place at home is cleaned. The vigraha or the picture of Sri Ganapathi is decorated with flowers. Chandan and Kumkum are applied. Lamps and Dhup are lit.

Slokams / Stotrams invoking Sri Ganapathi are recited. The story concerned with the Sankashti Chathurthi Vrat is read and recited.

Some people observe fasting for the day. By the evening, special abhishekams and archanas are done at Ganapathi temples.

After having the darshan of Chandra, the moon, they partake the prasadam which was offered to God as Neivedyam.

Giving daan of food (Annadanam) to the poor and needy is of utmost importance.

The ardent devotees of Lord Ganesha consider the Sankashti Chathurthi festivals as highly auspicious.


It is believed that sincere observation of all the Sankata Hara Chathurthi Vrats shall

-result in fulfillment of the wishes;

-bless progeny;

-alleviate all problems in life;

-bring in prosperity;

-assure no re-birth; and

-ensure attainment of salvation in Ganesh Loka.

The particulars of Sankashti Vrats in general, Vikata Sankashti Chathuthi, Eka dhantha Sankashti Chathurthi, Krishna Pingala Sankashti Chathurthi and Gajanana Sankashti Chathurthi are narrated in the previous articles.

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