Sri Yashoda Jayanthi

Sri Yashoda Jayanthi
Sri Yashoda with Sri Bala Krishna

Sri Yashoda Jayanthi is the festival ascribed to Sri Yashoda Devi, the foster mother of Bhagwan Sri Krishna. It is observed on the Krishna Paksha Sashti Tithi of Phalguna month. The festival occurs on Friday, 1st March 2024.

Sri Yashoda Jayanthi is observed for the whole duration of the Sashti Tithi. The exact duration of the Sashti Tithi has to be ascertained from the applicable regional calendar.

The festival is celebrated across North India.

Sri Yashoda Jayanthi – the blessings accorded to Sri Yashoda

Bhagwan Sri Krishna was originally born to Sri Vasudeva and Sri Devaki at Mathura as their eighth child. The Avatar as Sri Krishna was ordained by Sri Maha Vishnu to destroy Kamsasur and other demons. But the asura extinguishment was meant for the later time.

So, it was arranged to move Sri Krishna from Mathura to Gokulam. Sri Vasudeva had taken the baby Krishna to Gokulam. He brought back the girl child born to Sri Yashoda and Sri Nanda. All this happened in the same night when Sri Krishna was born.  Hence, Sri Yashoda was blessed to be with Sri Krishna as His mother from day one.

Besides the above, Sri Yashoda, in Her previous birth, had obtained a boon from Sri Maha Vishnu. As per the boon, she would be blessed and bestowed with the opportunity to rear and bring up the Bhagwan Himself in His childhood.

Hence, once Sri Krishna was brought into Gokulam, Sri Yashoda Devi adopted Him and looked after Him as Her own son. She was blessed to witness all the bubbliness and naughtiness of Laddu Krishna.

Sri Yashoda Jayanthi
Sri Krishna playing with Maa Yashoda

It is believed that Sri Yashoda Devi was born in the Krishna Paksha Sashti of Phalguna month. Hence, in Her honour as the mother of Sri Krishna, this festival is celebrated.

The rituals and beliefs

The following rituals and beliefs are attributed for the observation of Sri Yashoda Jayanthi.

On this day,

-mothers rise very early in the morning and take holy bath in Brahma muhurtham.

-they observe fasting for the long life and welfare of their kids.

-both Sri Krishna and Maa Yashoda are worshipped (the picture of little Sri Krishna sitting on Sri Yashoda’s lap is preferred for this purpose).

-red colour cloth is draped on Sri Yashoda maa picture or vigraha.

-sweet rotis and other sweets are offered as Neivedyam.

-giving daan (donation) of copper vessel filled with wheat may yield prosperity.

-tying the sacred red thread at the house gate may ward off disputes.

-offering food to cow is considered auspicious.

-praying to Sri Yashoda maa shall give long life to the kids and the problems related to the kids will vanish.

Sri Yashoda Jayanti is celebrated at homes as well as at Sri Krishna temples.

[Note: As this article is only about Sri Yashoda Devi Jayanti, the events pertaining to Sri Krishna’s travel from Mathura to Gokulam and His Bala leela at Gokulam are not elaborately covered.]
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