Sri Surya Mandir, Borsad, Vadodara

Sri Surya Mandir, Borsad, Vadodara
Surya Mandir Borsad

Sri Surya Mandir is situated at Borsad near Vadodara. Borsad is a town in Anand district of Gujarat.  It is said to be constructed in 1972.

This temple is dedicated for the worship of Bhagwan Sri Surya. It is believed that praying to and worshipping Sri Surya Bhagwan at this temple cures all ailments and removes unhappiness in life.

Surya Mandir Borsad
Temple Tower

The legend about the formation of the temple is unclear. However, it is believed that Bhagwan Surya Himself had for a moment manifested as Kumkum on the forehead of a small baby boy named Kalpesh. The momentary appearance had convinced the baby’s parents about the need to build a temple for Bhagwan Surya.

Similar to this, Bhagwan Surya had manifested in the lives of many people who had varied experiences in getting the divine vibes. They all had decided to construct the temple and hence the temple came into existence with the support and aid of many devotees. Hence it is believed that this temple was built as per the wish and desire of Bhagwan Surya Himself.

Surya Mandir Borsad
Tower view

The entrance of the temple has the grand depiction of Bhagwan Surya on seven horses at the top. At the arch below Sri Surya Bhagwan, Nava graham representing the nine planets are depicted.

Surya Mandir Borsad
Sri Surya with seven horses

The main sanctum is in the form of a mandapam which is an ornate hall. The roof is made in intricate design. Once we go inside the hall, we get to have the darshan of Bhagwan Surya on the seven horses. He is flanked by two Devis on either side.

To the right side of Surya sanctum, we see the sanctum for Bhagwan Ram, Seetha Devi and Lakshman.

Next to this, we have the sanctum of Bhagwan Shiv and Parvathi Devi. There is a Shiv Ling on the floor to which we can perform abhishekam.

Surya Mandir Borsad
Bhagwan Shiv and Parvathi Devi

To the left side of Surya sanctum, we see the sanctum of Sri Krishna and Radha Devi. The sanctum of another Deity is to the right of this sanctum.

We come out of the hall to take perambulation. To the left, we get to have the darshan of standing Ganapathi.

The outside walls to the left and right sides of the hall are adorned with the depiction of twelve Rasi (zodiac signs).

Surya Mandir Borsad
Depiction of 12 Rasis
Surya Mandir Borsad
Depiction of Rasis -other side

At the back of the perambulation, we have the darshan of the sanctums of Sri Mahalakshmi, the combination of Sri Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswathi, the combination of Sri Dattatreya, Sri Jhulelal and Sri Devi Matha and the sanctum of Sri Bhairav.

Surya Mandir Borsad
Backside Courtyard

When we complete the perambulation and reach back the entrance of the hall, we are blessed with the darshan of Sri Hanumanji.

At the courtyard just opposite the main sanctum, there is a water body which is designed as Surya Yantra.

Borsad Surya Mandir
Surya Yantra

At the center of the Yantra, we are blessed with the darshan of Bhagwan Shiv as Sri Bhole Nath Ji.

Surya Mandir Borsad
Sri Bholenath

At the right-side courtyard to the mandapam, we have several shrines having the sanctums for Sri Bhadia Dev, Sri Shani Dev, Sri Sathya Narayan, Sri Pran Nath, Sri Kama Dhenu, Sri Jhule Lal and Sri Bathiji.

At the sthala vruksha, devotees pour water at the roots and do the perambulation. Soon after entering the temple, at the sight of Sun, devotees give arkhya (pouring of water at the direction of Sun with ardent devotion).

Surya Mandir Borsad
Sthala Vruksham

Inside the compound of the temple, there is a huge seven layered step well. The water is down after seven layers of grid lines.  The well itself is inside the huge pillared hall.

Special Pujas are done to Sri Surya Narayan Bhagwan on all Sankranti days which denote the transition of Sun from one Rasi to the other. Sundays are also very special days.

Surya Mandir Borsad
Uttrayan Puja

As the temple houses many shrines, almost all the festivals are celebrated with devotion at this temple.

At this temple, for a period of 21 days, 50 homams are conducted and pravachanam (discourse) of all the puranas are done.

Surya Mandir Borsad
Temple view

The entire temple premises is calm, quiet, serene and full of divinity. The place is ideal for soulful prayer and meditation.

The temple is situated on Highway No.6 which is Tarapur-Vasad road. Gujarat Transport Corporation buses are available from Vadodara. Taxis can also be booked.

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