Sri Subramanya Temple, Kumaran Kottam, Kanchipuram

Kumaran Kottam
Kumaran Kottam Murugan Temple

Kumaran Kottam is the place situated at Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu. The temple ascribed to the worship of Sri Subramanya who is also hailed as Bhagwan Muruga exists here.

The temple exists exactly in the middle of Sri Ekambareswarar Temple and Sri Kamakshi Amman Temple depicting Sri Muruga between Sri Shiv and Sri Parvathi. This positioning of the temples is  said to depict Sri Somaskanda form of Sri Kailasa Pathi Gods.

It is believed that this temple was built by Pallava Kings in 9th Century C.E and later expanded by Chola and Vijaya Nagara Kings. The present structure is said to exist from 1915.

Kumaran Kottam

As per the legend, Sri Brahma, the Deity in-charge of creation did not know the meaning of the Pranava Mantra ‘’Om”. Bhagwan Muruga got angered at the lack of knowledge of Sri Brahma and imprisoned Him. Bhagwan himself took the role of Sri Brahma for attending to creation work. The place where He assumed such work is Kumaran Kottam.

Bhagwan Shiva apparently did not like imprisoning Sri Brahma. He had asked Sri Muruga to release Him. But Sri Muruga refused initially but did as ordained. To alleviate His mistake of disobeying His father, He had installed a Shiv Ling there and did Puja. Sri Shivji here is called as Sri Devasenapatheeswarar and Sri Senapathi Eshwar. Sri Brahma had also learnt His lessons in this instance.

Kumaran Kottam

The temple is the place of inauguration of Sri Skanda Puranam in Tamil by Sri Kachiappa Sivachariar, the Saivite scholar.

As per another legend, Sri Acharya would compose the hymns depicting the attributes and activities of Bhagwan Muruga; He used to keep the manuscript at the end of the day at the main sanctum itself. Bhagwan Muruga Himself would read the script and make corrections; Sri Acharya would continue from where Bhagwan Muruga had left; Thus, the puranam was composed by the Acharya and corrected by the Bhagwan Himself. The Mandapam where the Puranam was inaugurated is within the temple premises.

Sri Arunagiri Nathar had also composed hymns in praise of Sri Subramanya at this temple. As per another legend, when Sri Pamban Swamigal was searching ways to reach this temple, Bhagwan Muruga Himself, in the guise of a small boy, had guided Him to this temple.

The main sanctum has the Gopuram in the shape of dome and is hence called as Chakra Vimanam. Sri Muruga is hailed as Sri Brahma Sastha, with water kamandalam and jepa mala. The Moolavar Murthy does not have consorts. The Urchava Murthy has Sri Devyani and Sri Valli as consorts.

There is a dedicated shrine for Sri Maha Vishnu at this temple. Sri Vishnu is called as Sri Urugum Ulla Perumal. As per the legend, once there was a huge flood and Kanchipuram was unaffected. Sage Markandeya had swum to this place. Sri Vishnu also had come to this place and worshipped Bhagwan Muruga.

The precinct of the main sanctum has beautiful pictures.

Kanchipuram is the temple town. As a practice, all the Deities taken out on processions invariably pass only through this Kumaran Kottam temple.

The temple is open from 05.00 A.M to 12.00 Noon and from 04.30 P.M to 08.30 P.M.

Karthikai Deepam, Skanda Sashti and Vaikasi Visakam are the major festivals of the temple. Every Tuesday and on Krithika Star-days, lots of devotees throng the temple.

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