Sri Ram Theerth Mandir, Amritsar

Sri Ram Theerth Mandir
Sri Ram Theerth Mandir

Sri Ram Theerth Mandir is ascribed to Sri Valmiki, the author of Sri Ramayana. This is also known as Sri Sant Valmiki Mandir as it is believed that the Sage Sri Valmiki had written the script here only.

Sri Ram Theerth Mandir is situated at the place which was a dense forest earlier. This place was later built into a temple so as to preserve its historical importance. The exact details of the year of construction and the patrons are not available. The temple houses several shrines.

Sri Ram Theerth Mandir – Legend

As per the legend, this place used to be the Ashram of Sage Valmiki. It is believed that Sri Sita Devi had come here to deliver the twins, Sri Luv and Sri Kush.

Luv and Kush were taught Shastras and other scriptures. They were trained in archery and war tactics by Sri Valmiki only in this place. The holy horse meant for Ashwamedh Yagna sent by Sri Rama to roam around all the places was captured by Luv and Kush at this place only.

Sri Ram Theerth Mandir – Structure

The temple is in sandstone color. The entrance is quite grand and the backside of a huge Hanuman Statue is visible from the road.

Sri Ram Theerth Mandir

Soon on entering, a vast lake similar to Amritsar Golden Temple can be seen.

Sri Ram Theerth Mandir
Temple Lake

We have to take the perambulation on the path which goes around the rectangle lake with partially pillared enclosures.

Sri Ram Theerth Mandir
View from the entrance
Sri Ram Theerth Mandir
Valmiki Shrine view

We first come across a path on our right side which leads to the main sanctum of Sri Valmiki in the middle of the lake.

The Mandap is huge with the statue of Sri Valmiki in the centre.

Sri Ram Theerth Mandir
Sri Valmiki

The chant ‘Jai Valmiki’ is being continuously heard. The Mandap is very ornate.  The visitors can also sit here for meditation as the place is calm and quite with gentle breeze from the surrounding lake.

Coming out of Sri Valmiki Shrine, the rectangular path should again be followed.

Sri Ram Theerth Mandir
Covered parikrama path

There are several independent sanctums on the left-hand side dedicated for Sri Radha & Sri Krishna, Sri Durga & Sri Saraswathi, Sri Mahadev (Shiv) and invariably other Deities.

Sri Ram Theerth Mandir
Shiv Shrine
Sri Ram Theerth Mandir
Maa Durga
Sri Ram Theerth Mandir
Sri Krishna and Sri Radha
Shiv Ling
Shiv Ling

After a while, the rectangular path is in open under the sun.

Parikrama mandap

To combat the heat, water from the lake is being drawn and poured on the walking carpet. Even then, one cannot escape the scorching sun.

At a little distance from the path, a white structure housing the temple of Sri Ram, Sri Sita and Sri Lakshman is visible.

Sri Ram Theerth Mandir
Ram Sita Shrine

There is also a building which is displayed as the school of Luv and Kush.

Sri Ram Theerth Mandir
Luv Kush School

From there, down the rectangular path, food is being served to the devotees.

When we come back to the entrance, we can see the huge statue of Sri Anjaneya Swamy.

Sri Ram Theerth Mandir
Sri Maruthi

All along the rectangular path, small temples dedicated for Sri Shiv and Sri Anjaneya are built between the lake and the rectangular path.

Sri Ram Theerth Mandir
Chota Mandir
Sri Ram Theerth Mandir
Temple another view

The temple is the epitome of calmness as one can feel the serenity soon on entering the temple. The entire perambulation, if taken on a slow and leisurely stroll takes about an hour and the experience is a feast to the eyes, mind, heart and soul.

The entire temple premises are packed with divinity and positive energy.

How to reach

This place is about 10 to 15 kilometers from Amritsar. Buses are available from Amritsar. Call Taxis can also be booked.

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