Sri Narasimha Swamy Temple at Penchala Kona

Sri Narasimha Swamy Temple
Sri Narasimha Swamy Temple Penchala Kona

Sri Narasimha Swamy temple of Penchala Kona is the Narasimha Kshetra situated in Raipur Mandal of Nellore District, Andhra Pradesh, India. River Kandaleru flows near the temple. There is also a waterfall named Penchalakona.The Penchala Kona mountain itself appears in the form of two rocks intertwined. It looks like a lion’s head. Hence it is considered divine.

Story on the emergence of Sri Narasimha Swamy temple

As per the legend, this temple should be atleast 700 years old.

As per the belief, a cowherd was roaming with his cows in this area. An old man appeared before him. He told the cowherd that Sri Narasmiha Swamy was existing there in rock form. The old man also directed the cowherd to inform the village people. Sensing doubt,  the cowherd turned his head. He saw that the old man himself was becoming a rock.

The cowherd got flustered. He rushed to his village to share the news. His village people did not believe him at first. Later they themselves witnessed the scenario independently in their dreams. They realized that Sri Narasimha has directed them to convert the rock into a place of worship. They have started building Sri Narasimha Swamy temple there.

Sri Narasimha Swamy Sanctum
Sri Narasimha Swamy Sanctum Entrance

Visit of Sri Narasimha Swamy to Penchala Kona

As per another belief, Sri Narasimha, after killing Hiranyakasipu, was furious with rage. He came down to this place. Sri Mahalakshmi was born as Sri Chenchu Lakshmi in a tribal family. She met Him in this place. She also hugged Him to bring down His anger. Sri Narasimha married Her.

Sri Lakshmi Ammavari Sanctum
Sri Lakshmi Ammavari Sanctum

In Telugu, ‘Penu Vaesukonata’ means hugging. The region is a rocky one. Hence the name ‘Penu Sila Kona’ meaning, ‘rock where the divine hugging’ took place. Later, the name got termed as ‘Penchala Kona’.

It is also believed that Sri Narasimha took a holy dip in the falls. He did penance as a prelude to the conclusion of Sri Narasmiha Avatar.

Kanva Maharishi’s visit to Penchala Kona

It is also believed that Sri Kanva Maharishi did penance here at the banks of the river which got the name ‘Kanvamukhi’ which later converted into Kandaleru.

Other names of Sri Narasimha in Penchala Kona

Here Sri Narasimha is called as ‘Sri Yoga Narasimha’ as well as ‘Somasaila Narasimha’.

About the Sri Narasimha temple premises

Sri Narasimha Murthy is a Swayambhu, the self – manifested one.  Both Sri Narasimha and Sri Chenchu Lakshmi are in separate shrines in two hillocks. There is a separate sanctum for Sri Anjaneya Swamy facing the main Deity.

The main entrance is the Raja Gopuram. It contains several sculptures.

A water fountain depicting Sri Krishna’s Kalinga dance is placed here.

Kalinga dance
Sri Krishna Kalinga dance water fountain

The temple tank is serene with crystal clear water.

Sri Narasimha Swamy temple tank
Sri Narasimha Swamy Temple Tank

Sri Narasimha Swamy temple rituals

As per belief, at a place named Bhairavakona, the Rakshashas (demons) were troubling the Rishis (Sages). On the pleas made by the Sages, Sri Narasimha Swamy visited that place and fought the demons. When the God was killing the demons, the Rishis kept an umbrella over His head as a mark of respect.

Devotees offer gold and silver umbrellas reverently to Sri Narasimha in remembrance and honor of this instance.

Devotees do the Giri Praikrama (Going round the hill as Pradikshanam).

Giri Pradakshinam path
Giri Parikrama path

Festivals of the temple

Brahmotsavam and Sri Narasimha Jayanthi are observed in Vaisakha month. Grand celebrations are held.

Temple open timing

The temple is open from 04.30 A.M to 12.30 P.M and from 3.00 P.M to 07.30 P.M. On special occasions, timing may differ.

The overall ambience of the temple is quite peaceful. This place is ideally suited for calm repose both mentally and spiritually.

How to reach the temple

The temple is 78 kilometers away from Nellore town.

Nellore is well connected by railways and roadways. For travelling to Penchala Kona, RTC buses are available. Mobile app taxis can also be booked.

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