Sri Mookambika Temple Kollur

Sri Mookambika Temple Kollur
Sri Mookambika Temple Kollur

Sri Mookambika Temple is situated at Kollur, South Karnataka. The temple is situated at the valley in Sahayadri Hills of Western Ghats near Sauparnika river. The hill range is also called as Sri Kodachari Hills.

Kollur is the town in Tulu Region of Karnataka in Byndoor Taluk. As Kollur is in the middle of Gokarna to Kanya Kumari, it is also believed that it may be one of the Parasu Rama Kshetrams. The temple is believed to be atleast 1200 years old.

Enroute Temple Entrance

As per the legend, a Tapasvi named Kola Muni had come to this place and did penance on Bhagwan Shiv. When Bhagwan appeared before him, the Tapasvi had requested the Bhagwan to stay at the place. Sri Shiv then took the form of swambu Shiv Ling there itself.

Meanwhile, a demon named Kamhasur was creating trouble to the sages in the area. His Guru Sukracharya had told him that his end would come only in the hands of a woman. So he did penance praying to Bhagwan Shiv.

When Sri Shiv appeared before him, he thought of asking a boon which would ensure that he could not be destroyed by anyone or anything. When he was doing penance, the Sages and Munis had asked Sri Parvathi Devi to prevent the Asur from getting the boon from Sri Shiv.

So, Sri Parvathi Devi waited till Sri Shiv appeared before the demon and made the demon speech impaired (dumb) so that he could not ask any boon. As he was made not to speak, he was called as Mookasur.

Sri Ambika had diminished the demon and hence was hailed as Sri Mookambika.

Sri Mookambika Picture

There is another legend associated with the temple. Sri Adi Sankaracharya had asked Sri Saraswathi Devi to accompany Him to Kerala as there was no temple for Saraswathi there. Sri Saraswathi Devi accepted to His request with a rider that She would follow Him and that He should not turn back to check Her following and if ever He turned, She would stop at that place.

Sri Sankara had accepted to the proposal. Maa Saraswathi kept following Him. At a particular place (Kollur), Sri Sankara could not hear the anklet bells sound from Sri Maa. So He turned to find out what happened. Sri Saraswathi Devi had told Him that She wanted to surrender to the Swayambu Ling at that place and did not want to proceed. Saying so, She became a golden ray and placed on the Shiv Ling.

Now, in the Shiv Ling, the portion above the golden ray is considered as the Thri Murthies such as Sri Brahma, Sri Vishnu and Sri Shiv; The portion below the golden ray is considered to represent three Devis namely Sri Parvathi, Sri Lakshmi and Sri Saraswathi. Abhishekam is performed only to this Lingam.

Sri Adi Sankaracharya had then consecrated the pancha loka vigraha at the back of the Shiv Ling as the presiding Deity Mookambika. It is believed that Bhagwan Shiv Himself had marked the place with His thumb to keep the Vigraha of Sri Mookambika.

Sri Mookambika Devi Picture

Sri Mookambika is sitting on Simha Vahan. In Her four hands, She has Shank, Chakra, Paush and Shield. She has three eyes similar to Bhagwan Shiv.

The temple is built in Kerala style of architecture and it is said to belong to Keladi Kingdom period.

The entrance to the main sanctum is past Dwajasthambam and Deepasthambam.

Dwajasthambam and Deepasthambam

The main sanctum is in quadrangular shape.

Main sanctum

The gopuram of the main sanctum is gold crusted.

Main Sanctum Gopuram

At the entrance of the main sanctum, the dasha avathars of Bhagwan Sri Maha Vishnu are depicted. The outer walls of the main sanctum have provision for lighting of small lamps.

Exterior of the main sanctum

There are dedicated shrines for Bhagwan Dasha Buja Ganapathi, Sri Chandra Mauleeswara, Sri Gopala Krishna, Sri Subramanya, Sri Veera Bhadra, Sri Anjaneya and Sri Naga Devathas. The place where Sri Adi Sankara had done penance is marked in the temple premises as Shankara Simhasanam.

Dashan timings are 05.00 A.M to 07.15 A.M, 7.45 A.M to 11.30 A.M, 12 Noon to 12.20 P.M, 12.45 P.M to 1.30 P.M, 3.00 P.M to 06.30 P.M, 05.00 P.M to 09.00 P.M. The timings may differ during festival days.

Dantha Davan Bali Puja and Udhaya Kala Puja is done at 07.30 A.M followed by Mangala Aarthi by 08.00 A.M and Pradoshana Puja at 06.00 P.M.

Sahasra Nama Kumkumarchana, Ashtothara Kumkumarchana, Panchamritha Abhishekam, Ksheera Abhishekam, Ekadasha Rudra Abhishekam, Mookambika Alankara Puja, Chandika Homam and Udhaya Ashthama Puja are some of the special Pujas done at the temple. Thula bharam is also done at the temple.

Inner Prakaram

Kashayam prasadam is offered at the temple after 09.00 P.M daily. The prasadam is said to have medicinal qualities. The prasadam contains ginger, cardamom, pepper, lavang and jaggery. As per the legend, it is believed that Sri Adi Sankara had introduced this system.

Navarathri followed by Vijaya Dashami is one of the major festivals of this temple. Ranga Puja, Suvasini Puja, Lalitha Vrat, Kalpoktha Puja and Ghata Sthapana are the major pujas done at this time. On the ninth day, Maha Chandika Yagna and Pushpa Ratha Urchavam take place. On Vijaya Dashami day, Aksharabhyasam to the young kids done for the commencement of their learning.

Chariot festival is followed in Phalguna month for ten days. Sri Mookambika is kept on various vahanas such as Mayura, Rishaba etc., and taken in a process throughout the village for all the days.

Temple chariot

The floating festival is done at Sauparnika river on the ninth day.

Maha Shivrathri is celebrated in a grand manner at this temple. On Yugadhi day, Puja is done throughout the day. Sri Mookambika is kept in Saraswathi Mandapam in the evening. Panchangam reading ceremony is conducted in Her presence.

Ashta Bandhana Brahma Kalasa Urchava is done once in 12 years. Abhishekam is done to the Lingam with the 1008 Kalasams containing holy water.

Sauparnika river runs in Kollur. It is believed to have medicinal qualities as it passes through the richly endowed Kodachari hills. It is believed that Sri Mookambika Devi had granted a boon to a Garuda named Sauparna at the bank of this river for the recovery of Garuda’s mother from illness.

Sauparnika River

Kodachari hill is considered to be part of the holy Sanjeevani Hill carried by Sri Anjaneya to treat Sri Lakshman who fell ill at the Lanka battle field.

Annadhanam is provided at the temple twice a day for the visiting devotees.

Kollur Mookambika Temple is also considered as Mukthi Sthalam. Visiting here and praying to Maa Mookambika is said to alleviate all ill effects in life.

Kollur is easily reachable by bus from any part of Karnataka. The nearest airport is Mangaluru. The nearest Railway station Kundapura / Byndoor railway stations. Accommodation is available around the temple area for the pilgrims to stay.  The temple administration itself has facilities for accommodation which can be done online in advance.

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