Sri Haritha Varana Perumal Temple Nazarathpet

Haritha Varana
Sri Haritha Varana Perumal Temple

Nazarathpet is the place near Poonamallee, Chennai. The place was earlier known as Mel Agaram and Purusha Mangalam. This is the birth place of Sri Mudhali Andavar who is also called as Dasarathi as He was born on Punarvasu Star-day similar to Bhagwan Ram. The place was earlier known as Dasarathi Pettai which later became Nazarath Pettai.

The temple is said to be atleast 1000 years old and it is built as per Dravidian architecture.

The temple is associated with Maha Bharatha. As per the legend, during Maha Bharatha war, Bhishma had uttered a lie in the earshot of Dronacharya that “Ashwathama was no more”. Actually he meant the elephant Ashwathama. His intention was that Drona would downfall if he heard that his son Ashwathama was no more.

Though Bhishma’s trick worked in favour of Pandavas, Yudhishtra, the head of Pandavas was not happy with the spreading of lie. He considered it as a sin. To alleviate the sin, as advised by Sri Narada, he had conducted a Yagna at this place. Sri Vishnu appeared before him as a green elephant. The place is also called as Dharma Puram.

The main Deity is Sri Vishnu Murthy who is called as Sri Haritha Varana Perumal. Haritha means green and Varana means elephant. As Sri Murthy appeared on green elephant, he is named as such.

Haritha Varana

The Rajagopuram of this temple has five tiers. Sri Anjaneya Sannidhi is at the entrance of the street facing the temple.

There is a four pillared mandapam in front of the temple.

After entering through Raja Gopuram, we can see the Dwajasthambam, Deepasthambam and Bali Peedam.  In the right side, there is a mandapam for keeping vahanas for urchava Murthies. It also has the sanctum of Sri Rama, Seetha and Lakshman.

Haritha Varana

The Dwajasthambam has the deepa sthambam in it’s front. There is a small vigraha of elephant before deepa sthamba and there is a depiction of Sri Anjaneya Swamy on the deepasthamba.

Haritha Varana
Sri Anjaneya Swamy

Sri Garudalwar sanctum is near the Dwajasthambam.

At the main sanctum, Sri Perumal is in sitting position with one leg folded. He is flanked by Sri Devi and Bhu Devi on either side.

Haritha Varana
Sanctum Vimanam

There are vigrahas of Urchava Murthies in the main sanctum.

Haritha Varana
Artha Mandapam

The temple is also called as Pachai Varna Perumal Temple. The temple has stone inscriptions in Tamil and Telugu.

His consort Mahalakshmi is called as Sri Amirtha Valli Thayar in the south-western side of the temple premises in a separate mandapam.

Haritha Varana
Sri Thayar Sannidhi

Sri Andal is in a separate shrine.

Haritha Varana
Sri Andal Sannidhi

Sri Mudaliandan Swamy is in a separate sanctum in the artha mandapam.

All the pillars in the temple have exquisite divine sculptures.

The temple is open from 07.00 A.M to 10.30 A.M and from 04.00 P.M to 07.30 P.M.

Haritha Varana
Parikrama View

The festivals of the temple are observed as per Vaikhasana Agama. All Ekadashi days, Dwadashi days, Janmashtami, Navarathri, Deepavali, Karthikai Deepam, Dhanur Masa Urchavam, Sankaranthi, Rama Navami, Tamil New Year day and other related festivals are grandly celebrated at this temple.

Haritha Varana
Perambulation view

Annual Brahmothsavam commences on the Uthiram Star-day of Panguni month. Tirunakshathra Vaibhavam of Sri Mudali Andan is celebrated in Chithirai month on Punarpusam Star-day. This occurs in March-April. Unjal Urchavam is celebrated in Purattasi month.

Pavithrothsavam is observed in Aippasi month.

Haritha Varana
Swarga Vasal

Worshipping at this temple is said to relieve the devotees of worries and turmoil in the mind. Hence the temple is also called as Mana Sanchala Nivarana Kshethram.

The temple is easily reachable from Poonamallee. Buses are available from there. Taxis can be booked from anywhere in Chennai.

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