Sri Durga Kavach

Sri Durga Kavach
Sri Durga Devi - Sri Nava Durga

Sri Durga Kavach is the sloka in praise of and in prayer to Sri Durga, the Goddess of valor and bravery.

Sri Durga Kavach is also named as Sri Chandi Kavach. Sri Chandi is one of the aspects of Sri Maha Durga and She was invoked to kill the monsters named Chanda and Munda. Hence Sri Durga is also called as Sri Chamundi.

Sri Durga Kavach emanates from Sri Markandeya Purana as a conversation between Sri Brahma and Sage Markandeya. It is believed that Sri Bramha Himself had chanted and narrated the sloka to the Sage Markandeya for the protection and betterment of humanity.

Sri Durga Kavach is also chanted as an invocation for Ma Sri Durga prior to chanting Sri Durga Saptha Shaati or Chandi Paath.  The benefits of chanting are embedded in the slokas itself. Basically, the word ‘’Kavach” means ‘’protective armor’’. The Durga Kavach is recited to overcome unnecessary fears and apprehensions.

The Devanagiri script, English transliteration and a simple English translation are provided in this narrative.

Purvanga Stotram

अथ देव्याः कवचम्
॥ ॐ अस्य श्री चण्डीकवचस्य ॥
ब्रह्मा ऋषिः । अनुष्टुप् छन्दः ।
चामुण्डा देवता । अङ्गन्या सोक्तमातरो बीजम् ।
दिग्बन्ध देवतास्तत्त्वम् ।
॥ श्रीजगदम्बाप्रीत्यर्थे सप्तशती पाठाङ्गत्वेन जपे विनियोगः ॥
॥ ॐ नमश्चण्डिकायै ॥
aTha dhevyaah kavachamh

om asya shree chaNdee kavachasya
brahmaa tRishhih anushhtup Chandah
chaamuNdaa dhevathaa angaanyaa sokthamaatharoa bheejam
dhigbanDha dhevatha-sthaththvamh
shri jagadhamba-apreethyarThae saptha-shathee paaTaan-gathvaena japae viniyoagah
om namas chaNdikaayai
This is Sri Durga Kavach sloka compilation. Also called as Sri Chandi Kavach, this is believed to be recited and chanted blessedly by Sri Brahma, who himself is a Rishi.
Sri Chamudi is the presiding Deity and Goddess for this compilation. The attributes of Sri Chamudi are considered as the basic seed and dwelled upon.   The main principle of this compilation is the shutting out of evil forces.
This is in praise of and to please Sri Jagadamba, the mother of the Universe.  This is recited / applied prior to chanting of recitation of the lesson named Saptha Shatee in prayer to Sri Durga.  Our humble salutations to Sri Chandika Devi.

॥मार्कण्डेय उवाच॥
ॐ यद्गुह्यं परमं लोके
सर्वरक्षाकरं नृणाम्।
यन्न कस्य चिदाख्यातं
तन्मे ब्रूहि पितामह॥१॥
Maarkandeya Uvacha
om yadh-goohyam paramam loakae;
sarva rakShaakaram nriNaam
yaanna kasya-chidaa-khyaatham;
thanmae broohi pithaamaha |1|
Sage Markandeya says:
Sri Brahma Deva!  The Great father! Please tell me about the one which is not known to anyone, which is not told by anyone to others, whose fame and name is spread throughout and which shall provide protection to all human beings.

अस्ति गुह्यतमं विप्रा सर्वभूतोपकारकम्।
दिव्यास्तु कवचं पुण्यं तच्छृणुष्वा महामुने॥२॥
Brahmo Uaacha
asthi goohya-thamam vipraa  sarva-Bhooto-pakaarakam
dhevyaasthu kavacham puNyam thakshiNuShvaa mahaamunae |2|
Brahma says:
Oh Great Sage!  There is the most secretive thing which is most useful for all the living things. There is the Devi kavacham (armour) and please listen to this. Devi Sri Durga is known by these names.

Sri Durga Kavach – Names of Sri Durga

प्रथमं शैलपुत्री च द्वितीयं ब्रह्मचारिणी।
तृतीयं चन्द्रघण्टेति कूष्माण्डेति चतुर्थकम्॥३॥
praThamam shailaputhree cha  dhvitheeyam brahmachaariNee
thritheeyam chandra-ghaNTethi ; kushmaaNdethi chathur-Thakam |3|
Primarily, She is the daughter of Mountains (Himalayas); Secondly, She is the one who observes celibacy; Thirdly, she has moon as a bell on Her head; Fourthly, Her little warm belly (means womb) contains the entire universe.

पञ्चमं स्कन्दमातेति षष्ठं कात्यायनीति च
सप्तमं कालरात्रीति महागौरीति चाष्टमम्॥४॥
panchamam skandamaathethi; shaShTHam kaathyaayaneethi cha
sapthamam kaalaraathreethi ; mahaa-gaureethi chaaShthamam |4|
Fifthly, She is the mother of Skanda, Lord Subramanya; Sixthly, She is the Goddess of Victory, being the daughter of Sage Katyayana; Seventhly, She is the destroyer of evil darkness thereby providing courage and auspiciousness; Eighthly, She is fair coloured as she had her color back through penance to Lord Brahma.

नवमं सिद्धिदात्री च नव दुर्गाः प्रकीर्तिताः।
उक्तान्येतानि नामानि ब्रह्मणैव महात्मना॥५॥
navamam siddhi-dhaathree cha nava-dhurgaah prakeer-thithaah
ukthaanyethaani naamaani  brahmaNaiva mahaathmanaa |5|
Ninthly She is the one who grants moksha, the ultimate liberation; Those who felicitate the nine forms of Durga and those who chant the names of Nava Durga are granted protection and prosperity. Sri Durga is the noblest of the noble souls.

Nine forms of Sri Durga


She is the daughter of the mountains; After self immolation as Sati, the Goddess took birth as the daughter of King Himalaya; The planet ascribed to Her is moon.
She rides bull; Has trident in right hand and lotus in left hand; Has crescent moon in the forehead.
Mantra: ॐ देवी शैलपुत्र्यै नम: / Oṃ Dhaevi Shailaputhryai Namaḥ


She is the observer of celibacy; She was born as daughter named Sati to Prajapati Daksha before marrying Lord Shiva. The planet ascribed to Her is Mars.
She walks on bare feet.  Has Japamala (prayer beeds) in the right hand and kamandal (the spouted vessel holding holy water) in the left hand.
Mantra: ॐ देवी ब्रह्मचारिण्यै नम: / Oṃ Dhaevi BrahmachaariNyai Namaḥ


She adorns half-moon as bell on the head. After marrying Lord Shiva, She had sported half-moon on Her head. The planet ascribed to Her is Venus.
She mounts the tigress; Has half-moon on her head as a bell; Has ten hands; Four left hands hold Trident, Gada (weapon with a strong stick with potted end), sword and kamandal; Fifth left hand is in varadamudra (blessing abundance); Four right hands hold lotus, arrow, Dhanush (bow) and japamala; Fifth right hand is in abhayamudra (blessing protection).
Mantra: ॐ देवी चन्द्रघण्टायै नम: / Oṃ Dhaevi ChandraghaNTaayai Namaḥ


Means cosmic egg; Sri Durga began to live inside the Sun for liberation of Sun’s energy onto the universe; The planet ascribed to Her is Sun.
She rides on a lioness; Has eight hands; Holds Kamandal, Dhanush, Bada and lotus in right hands; Holds Amirtha Kalash (nectar pot), japamala, gada (mace or kaumodaki) and chakra (wheel) in left hands.
Mantra: ॐ देवी कूष्माण्डायै नम: / Oṃ Dhaevi KuṣhmaaNDaayai Namaḥ


She is the Mother of Skanda, Lord Muruga, who is the commander of the celestial army of Devas; The planet ascribed to Her is Mercury.
She mounts ferocious lion; Has four hands; Carries baby Skanda on her lap; Upper two hands carry lotuses; Holds baby Skanda in lower left hand and shows abhayamudra in the lower left hand.
Mantra: ॐ देवी स्कन्दमातायै नम: / Oṃ Dhaevi Skandamaathaayai Namaḥ


She is the daughter of Sage Katyayana; She had incarnated to destroy the demon Mahishasura; The planet ascribed to Her is Jupiter.
She rides on a huge lion; Has four hands; Holds lotus and sword in left hands; Shows the right hands in abhayamudra and varadhamudra.
Mantra: ॐ देवी कात्यायन्यै नम: / Oṃ Dhaevi Kaathyaayanyai Namaḥ


The name means the night of death; It was the night when the demons Sumbha and Nisumbha were destroyed; The planet ascribed to Her is Saturn.
She is dark colored (black); Rides on a donkey; Has four hands; Shows the right hands in abhayamudra and varadhamudra; Carries sword and an iron hook in her left hands.
Mantra: ॐ देवी कालरात्र्यै नम: / Oṃ Dhaevi Kaalaraathryai Namaḥ


She is fair complexioned; Got her fair colour back with ardent penance to Sri Brahma; Granter of all achievements; The planet ascribed to Her is Rahu.
She rides the bull; Has four hands; Holds Trishul in upper right hand and the lower right hand shows abhayamudra; Holds Damaru (tambourine) and kamandal in left hands.
Mantra: ॐ देवी महागौर्यै नम: / Om Dhaevi Mahaagauryai Namah


She is the granter of supernatural powers; In the formless stature of Adhi Parasakthi, She had granted powers to Sri Rudra (Lord Shiva) for the creation of Universe by occupying His left side. The planet ascribed to Her is Ketu.
She sits on lotus; Has four hands; Has Gada and Chakra in the right hands; Has lotus and shankha (conch) in the left hands.
Mantra:  ॐ देवी सिद्धिदात्र्यै नम: / Om Dhaevi Siddhidathryai Namah

Sri Durga Kavach – Protection by Sri Durga in intense situations

अग्निना दह्यमानस्तु शत्रुमध्ये गतो रणे।
विषमे दुर्गमे चैव भयार्ताः शरणं गताः॥६॥
agninaa dhahyaa-maanasthu shathrumadhye gathoa raNe
viShame dhurgame chaiva Bhayaartha sharaNam gathaah |6|
Those who are caught up in fire, been surrounded by enemies will get rid of all their fears and sorrows if they surrender themselves to Sri Durga.

न तेषां जायते किञ्चिदशुभं रणसङ्कटे।
नापदं तस्य पश्यामि शोकदुःखभयं न ही॥७॥
na thaeshaan jaayathae  kinchida-shubham raNasamkathae
naapadam thasya pashyaami shoka-dhuhkha-Bhayam na hi |7|
Where the person is frightened in intense war situation and is in crisis, he is never a non-person and he fears no calamity due to his surrender to Sri Durga; His fears, sorrows and griefs will not occur on account of the protection given by Sri Durga.

यैस्तु भक्त्या स्मृता नूनं तेषां वृद्धिः प्रजायते।
ये त्वां स्मरन्ति देवेशि रक्षसे तान्न संशयः॥८॥
yaisthu Bhakthyaa smrithaa noonam  thaeShaan vriddhih prajaayathe
ye thvaan smaranthi dheveshi  rakshase thaanna samshayah |8|
For those who devoutly think and remember the Goddess Durga, their determination is augmented. Those who meditate on Goddess Durga Devi will be protected from all the griefs and worries.

Sri Durga Kavach – Manifestations of Sri Durga Devi

प्रेतसंस्था तु चामुण्डा वाराही महिषासना।
ऐन्द्री गजसमारूढा वैष्णवी गरुडासना॥९॥
prethasamsThaa thu chaamuNDaa vaaraahee mahishhaasanaa
aindhree gaja-samaarooDaa  vaiShNavee garudaasanaa |9|
In the manifestation of Sri Chamuda Devi (the killer of the demons Chanda and Munda) She is mounted on the dead body. As Sri Varahee (with the face of the sow [the female version of Sri Maha Vishnu as the Varaha Avatar]) She sits on the buffalo. As Sri Aindree, the Goddess of beauty, She rides the elephant named Airavatha (the vahan of Indra). As Sri Vaishnavee (the female version of Sri Maha Vishnu) She rides on the Garuda.

माहेश्वरी वृषारूढा कौमारी शिखिवाहना।
लक्ष्मी: पद्मासना देवी पद्महस्ता हरिप्रिया॥१०॥
maaheshvaree vrishhaarooDaa  kaumaaree shikhivaahanaa
lakshmeeh padmaasanaa  dhaevi padmahasthaa hari priyaa |10|
In the manifestation of Sri Maheswari, She is riding a bull. As Sri Kaumari, Her vehicle is peacock. As Sri Lakshmi, She sits on the lotus. As the consort and the beloved of Sri Maha Vishnu, She holds the lotus in her hand.

श्वेतरूपधारा देवी ईश्वरी वृषवाहना।
ब्राह्मी हंससमारूढा सर्वाभरण भूषिता॥११॥
shvetharoopa-Dhaaraa dhaevi  eeshvaree vrishha-vaahanaa
braahmee hamsa-samaarooDaa sarvaaBharaNa Bhooshithaa |11|
As the Goddess Eshwari (consort of Sri Eshwara), She is in white color form and She rides on the bull. As the Goddess Brahmi (consort of Sri Brahma), She is decked up with all the ornaments and is seated on a swan.

Saptha Mathrikas

Sri Chamunda – Personified powers of Sri Durga Devi
Sri Varahi – Personified powers of Sri Varaha (Maha Vishnu)
Sri Aindree / Indrani – Personified powers of Sri Indra
Sri Maheshwari / Eshwari – Personified powers of Sri Shiva
Sri Brahmani – Personified powers of Sri Brahma
Sri Vaishnavi – Personified powers of Sri Vishnu
Sri Kaumari – Personified powers of Sri Skanda

इत्येता मातरः सर्वाः सर्वयोग समन्विताः।
नानाभरण शोभाढया नानारत्नोप शोभिता:॥१२॥
ityethaa maatharah sarvaah  sarvayoga samanvithaah
naanaa-bharaNa-shobhaaghyaa naanaarathnoapa shobhithaah |12|
Sri Durga Devi, in all Her manifestations, is bestowed with all the yogic powers. In all Her manifestations, She is endowed with various ornaments, brightness and the glittering gems of various hues.  She looks radiant.

Sri Durga Kavach – Weapons held by Sri Durga

दृश्यन्ते रथमारूढा देव्याः क्रोधसमाकुला:।
शङ्खं चक्रं गदां शक्तिं हलं च मुसलायुधम्॥१३॥
drithiyanthe raThamaarooDaa dhaevyah kroDha-samaa-kulaah
shankham chakram gadhaan shaktihn halam cha musalaayuDhamh |13|
The Mother Goddesses who are the various manifestations of Sri Durga are seen to be in the chariots and They appear to be ferocious. With power, They hold the conch, the holy wheel, Gada (mace or kaumodaki) and the clubs in Their hands.

खेटकं तोमरं चैव परशुं पाशमेव च।
कुन्तायुधं त्रिशूलं च शार्ङ्गमायुध मुत्तमम्॥१४॥
kheTakam thomaram chaiva parashun paashameva cha
kunthaayudham thrishoolam cha shaarnga-maayuDha muththamam |14|
The Mother Goddesses are wielding weapons such as shield, javelin, axe, pasha (the rope of death), spear, trident, bow and arrows.

दैत्यानां देहनाशाय भक्तानामभयाय च।
धारयन्त्या युद्धानीथं देवानां च हिताय वै॥१५॥
dhaithyaanaan dhehanaashaaya bhakthaanaam-aBhayaaya cha
Dhaarayanthyaa yudhaaneeTha  dhaevaanaan cha hithaaya vai |15|
The Mother Goddesses are intent on destroying the bodies of the demons and on providing protection to their ardent devotees. They have embarked on the war for the benefit of the Devas.

Sri Durga Kavach – Prayers to Sri Durga Devi

नमस्तेऽस्तु महारौद्रे महाघोर पराक्रमे।
महाबले महोत्साहे महाभय विनाशिनि॥१६॥
namasthaesthu mahaaraudhre  mahaa-ghora-paraakramae
mahaabalae mahoathsaahe  mahaa-Bhaya vinaashini |16|
Humble Salutations to you, Sri Durga Devi, the ferocious; Your valor and courage are truly frightening.  You have tremendous strength and enormous vigor and you are the great destroyer of the worst fears of your devotees.

Sri Durga Devi protecting in all sides

त्राहि मां देवि दुष्प्रेक्ष्ये शत्रूणां भय वर्धिनि।
प्राच्यां रक्षतु मामैन्द्रि आग्नेय्यामग्नि देवता॥१७॥
thraahi maan dhaevi dhuShhprekshye  shathruNaan Bhaya varDhini
praachyaan rakshathu maamaindhree  aagney-yaam-agni dhevathaa |17|
Getting even a glimpse of Sri Durga Devi is very difficult; She augments the fears of the enemies; As the manifestation of Goddess Sri Aindree, She protects me from the east; As the Goddess of fire, She protects me from the south-east.

दक्षिणेऽवतु वाराही नैऋत्यां खङ्गधारिणी।
प्रतीच्यां वारुणी रक्षेद् वायव्यां मृगवाहिनी॥१८॥
dakshiNeavatu vaaraahee nairityaan khadga-dhaariNee
prateechyaan vaaruNee rakshedh  vaayavyaan mriga-vaahinee |18|
Sri Durga Devi, as the manifestation of Goddess Sri Varahi, She protects me from the south; As the Goddess wielding the sword, She protects me from the south-west: As Goddess Varuni, the power of rain God, She protects me from the west and as the rider of deer, She protects me from the north-west.

उदीच्यां पातु कौमारी ऐशान्यां शूलधारिणी।
ऊर्ध्वं ब्रह्माणी में रक्षे दधस्ताद् वैष्णवी तथा॥१९॥
udheechyaan paathu kaumaaree  aishaanyaan shooladhaariNee
oordhvan brahmaaNi mae rakshe dhaDhasthaadh vaiShNavee thaThaa |19|
Sri Durga Devi, as the manifestation of Goddess Sri Kaumari, She protects me from the north; As the Goddess wielding the trident, She protects me from the north-east. As the Goddess Sri Brahmani, She protects me from the above; As the Goddess Sri Vaishnavi, She protects me from the below.

एवं दश दिशो रक्षे च्चामुण्डा शव वाहाना।
जाया मे चाग्रतः पातु: विजया पातु पृष्ठतः॥२०॥
evam dhasha dhisho rakshech-chaamuNdaa shava vaahanaa
jayaa mae chaagrathah paathu vijayaa  paathu priShthathah |20|
Thus, Sri Durga Devi in the manifestation of Goddess Sri Chamunda who sits on the corpses, protects me in ten directions. As Sri Jaya, the winner, She protects me by being ahead of me and as Sri Vijaya, the conqueror, She protects me from behind.

Sri Durga Devi protecting the body and its parts

अजिता वामपार्श्वे तु दक्षिणे चापराजिता।
शिखामु द्योतिनि रक्षेदुमा मूर्ध्नि व्यवस्थिता॥२१॥
ajithaa vaama-paarshve thu dhakshiNae chaaparaajithaa
shikhaamu Dhyothini rakshedhumaa moorDhini vyavasThithaa |21|
Sri Durga Devi, in the manifestation of Sri Ajitha, the invincible, She protects me from the left and as Sri Aparajitha, the undefeatable, She protects me from the right. As Sri Dyotini, the radiant, She protects my topknot and as Sri Uma, the tranquil, She occupies my forehead and protects it.

मालाधारी ललाटे च भ्रुवो रक्षेद् यशस्विनी।
त्रिनेत्रा च भ्रुवोर्मध्ये यमघण्टा च नासिके॥२२॥
maalaaDharee lalaaTae cha  Bhruvau rakshedh yashasvinee
thrinethraa cha Bhruvor-madhye  yama-ghaNtaa cha naasikae |22|
Sri Durga Devi, the adorner of the garland, protects my front side; As Sri Yashasvinee, the splendid, She protects my eye-brows. As Sri Trinetra, the three eyed Goddess, She protects the middle of my eye-brows; As Sri Yama-ghantaa, the foreteller of death of the demons, She protects my nose.

शङ्खिनी चक्षुषोर्मध्ये श्रोत्रयोर्द्वार वासिनी।
कपोलौ कालिका रक्षेत्कर्णमूले तु शङ्करी ॥२३॥
shankhinee chakshushhor-madhye  shrothrayorrdvaar-vaasinee
kapolau kaalikaa raksheth-karNamoole  thu shaankaree |23|
Sri Durga Devi in the manifestation of Sri Shankini, the mother of pearl, protects the middle of my eyes; She resides and protects the front of my ears. As Sri Kaalika, the Goddess of time, She protects my skull; As Sri Shankari, the consort of Sri Shankar, the Lord Shiva, She protects the roots of my ears.

नासिकायां सुगन्‍धा च उत्तरोष्ठे च चर्चिका।
अधरे चामृतकला जिह्वायां च सरस्वती॥२४॥
naasikaayaan sugandhaa cha  uththaroShthe cha charchikaa
aDhare cha-amrithakalaa  jihvaayaan cha sarasvathee |24|
Sri Durga Devi, as Sri Sugandha, the Goddess of fragrance, protects my nostrils; As Sri Charchika, the Goddess conversant of repetitive words, She protects my upper lip.  She protects my lower lip as Sri Amritkala, the Goddess of nectar; She protects my tongue as Sri Saraswathi, the Goddess of education.

दन्तान् रक्षतु कौमारी कण्ठदेशे तु चण्डिका।
घण्टिकां चित्रघण्टा च महामाया च तालुके॥२५॥
dhanthaan rakshathu kaumaree kaNTadheshe thu chaNdikaa
ghaNtikaan chithra-ghaNtaa cha mahaa-maayaa cha thaalukae |25|
Sri Durga Devi, in Her manifestation as Sri Kaumari, protects my teeth; As Sri Chandika, She protects my throat.  As Sri Chitra Ghanta, the Goddess of various voices, She protects my sound-box.

कामाक्षी चिबुकं रक्षेद्‍ वाचं मे सर्वमङ्गला।
ग्रीवायां भद्रकाली च पृष्ठवंशे धनुर्धारी॥२६॥
kaamaakShee chibukam rakshedh  vaacham mae sarvamangalaa
greevaayaan Bhadrakaalee cha prishTHa-vamshe dhanur-dharee |26|
Sri Durga Devi, as Sri Kamakshi, the Goddess of lovable eyes, protects my chin; As Sri Sarvamangala, the universally auspicious Goddess, She protects my speech. As Sri Bhadrakali, the auspicious Kali, the Goddess of time, She protects my neck; As the bearer of bow and arrow, She protects my backside.

नीलग्रीवा बहिःकण्ठे नलिकां नलकूबरी।
स्कन्धयोः खङ्गिनी रक्षेद्‍ बाहू मे वज्रधारिणी॥२७॥
neelagreevaa bahihkaNTae nalikaan nalakoobaree
skandhayoh khadginee rakshed baahoo me vajradhaariNee |27|
Sri Durga Devi, in the manifestation of Sri Neelagreeva, the Goddess with blue neck (the feminine version of Lord Shiva, the blue necked) protects the outer part of my throat; She protects my windpipe as Sri Nalakubari, the Goddess of wealth.
As Sri Khadgini, the bearer of sword, She protects my shoulders; As Sri Vajradharini, the Goddess of strong forbearance, She protects my arms.

हस्तयोर्दण्डिनी रक्षेदम्बिका चान्गुलीषु च।
नखाञ्छूलेश्वरी रक्षेत्कुक्षौ रक्षेत्कुलेश्वरी॥२८॥
hasthayordaNdinee rakshed-ambikaa  chaanguleeshu cha
nakhaajn-chhooleshvaree raksheth-kukshau raksheth-kuleshvaree |28|
Sri Durga Devi, as Sri Ambika, the mother Goddess, protects my hands; She protects my fingers. As Sri Chulaswari, the Goddess of fireplace, She protects my nails. As Sri Kuleshwari, the protector of human race, She protects my stomach.

स्तनौ रक्षेन्‍महादेवी मनः शोकविनाशिनी।
हृदये ललिता देवी उदरे शूलधारिणी॥२९॥
sthanau-rakshen-mahaadevee  manah shoka-vinaashinee
hridaye lalithaa devee udare shoola-DhaariNee |29|
Sri Durga Devi, as Sri Maha Devi, the great Goddess, protects my breasts; She removes the worries in my mind. As Sri Lalita Devi, the Goddess of elegance, She protects my heart. As Sri Shooladharini, the bearer of trident, She protects my abdomen.

नाभौ च कामिनी रक्षेद्‍ गुह्यं गुह्येश्वरी तथा।
पूतना कामिका मेढ्रं गुडे महिषवाहिनी॥३०॥
naabhau cha kaaminee rakshed guhyam guhyeshvaree thaThaa
poothanaa kaamikaa medhram gude mahishha-vaahinee |30|
Sri Durga Devi, as Sri Kamini, the Goddess of love, protects my naval; As Sri Guhyeswari, the Goddess of mysticism, She protects my private parts.  As Sri Putana Kamika, the Goddess desired even by the evil, She protects my reproductive organs and as Sri Mahisha Vahini, the rider of buffalo, She protects the excretory organ.

कट्यां भगवतीं रक्षेज्जानूनी विन्ध्यवासिनी।
जङ्घे महाबला रक्षेत्सर्वकाम प्रदायिनी॥३१॥
katayaan Bhagavathee rakshej-jaanunee vindhya-vaasinee
janghe mahaabalaa raksheth-sarvakaama pradhaayinee |31|
Sri Durga Devi, as Goddess Bhagavathi, the Supreme Goddess, protects my wrists; As Sri Vindhya Vasini, the Goddess residing in vindhyas, She protects my knees. As Sri Mahaabala, the Goddess of strength, She protects my hips. She is Sri Sarva Kama Pradayini, the granter of all the desires.

गुल्फयोर्नारसिंही च पादपृष्ठे तु तैजसी।
पादाङ्गुलीषु श्रीरक्षेत्पादाध:स्तलवासिनी॥३२॥
gulpha-yoar-naarasinhee cha paadapriShhthe thu thaijasee
paadaanguleeshu shree-raksheth-paadaadha sthalavaasinee |32|
Sri Durga Devi, as Sri Narasimhi, the lion faced Goddess, protects my ankles; As Sri Taijasi, She protects my feet. As Sri, the Goddess of wealth, She protects my toes; As Sri Sthala Vasini, the Goddess residing in Hill, She protects the soles of my feet.

नखान् दंष्ट्राकराली च केशांशचै वोर्ध्वकेशिनी।
रोमकूपेषु कौबेरी त्वचं वागीश्वरी तथा॥३३॥
nakhaan damShtraa-karaalee cha keshaan shachai vodhvar-keshinee
roma-koopeshu kauberee thvacham vaageeshvaree thaThaa |33|
Sri Durga Devi, as Sri Damshtrakarali, the Goddess with protruding teeth as tusks, protects my nails; As Sri Urdhva Keshini, the Goddess with erect hair, She protects my hair. As Sri Kauberi, the Goddess of northern direction, She protects the pores; As Sri Vagheeswari, the Goddess of eloquence, She protects my skin.

रक्तम ज्जाव सामां सान्यस्थि मेदांसि पार्वती।
अन्त्राणि कालरात्रिश्च पित्तं च मुकुटेश्वरी ॥३४॥
rakthama jjaava saamaan saanyasThi medhaansi paarvathee
anthraaNi kaalaraathrishcha pitham cha mukuteshvaree |34|
Sri Durga Devi, as Sri Parvathi, the daughter of Parvatha (the Himalaya King), protects my blood, bone marrow, fat and the bones. As Sri Kalaratri, the Goddess of dark night, She protects my intestines; As Sri Mukuteshwari, the Goddess with crown, She protects my liver and bile.

पद्मावती पद्मकोशे कफे चूडामणिस्तथा।
ज्वालामुखी नखज्वाला मभेद्या सर्वसन्धिषु॥३५॥
padmaavathee padmakoshe kaphe choodaamaNi-sthaThaa
jvaalaamukhee nakha jvaalaa mabhedyaa sarva-sandhishoo |35|
Sri Durga Devi, as Sri Padmavathi, the Goddess of lotus, protects my chakras; As Sri Chudamani, the Goddess wearing crown jewel, She protects my phlegm in the lungs; As Sri Jwalamukhi, the Goddess of fiery face, She protects the sheen on my nails; As Sri Ma Abhedya, the Mother Goddess with impenetrability, She protects my joints.

शुक्रं ब्रह्माणी मे रक्षेच्छायां छत्रेश्वरी तथा।
अहङ्कारं मनो बुद्धिं रक्षेन्मे धर्मधारिणी॥३६॥
shukram brahmaaNi mae rakshech-chhaayaan chathresh-varee thaThaa
aham-kaaram mano buddhin rakshenme Dharma-DhaariNee |36|
Sri Durga Devi, as Sri Brahmani, protects my semen; As Sri Chatreshwari, the Goddess with umbrella, She protects my shadow. As Sri Dharma Dharini, the Goddess upholding Dharma, She protects my self-consciousness, ego and intelligence.

प्राणापानौ तथा व्यानमुदानं च समानकम्।
वज्रहस्ता च मे रक्षेत्प्राणं कल्याण शोभना॥३७॥
praaNaapaanau tathaa vyaanam-udaanam cha samaanakam
vajra-hastaa cha me raksheth-praaNam kalyaaNa shobhanaa |37|
Sri Durga Devi, as Sri Vajrahastha, the Goddess with strong hands, protects my five vital breaths (vayus) [such as the air exhaled from the lungs (Prana), the outbound air in the gut (Apana), the uprising energy in the throat which helps to talk / sing (Udana), the heat in the stomach for digestion (samana) and the energy for blood circulation (Vyana)]. As Sri Kalyana Shobana, the auspicious radiant Goddess, She protects the force of life.

Sri Durga protecting attributes

रसे रूपे च गन्धे च शब्दे स्पर्शे च योगिनी।
सत्वं रजस्तमश्चैव रक्षेन्नारायणी सदा॥३८॥
rasae roopae cha gandhe cha shabde sparshe cha yoginee
sathvam rajastha-mashchaiva rakshen-naaraayaNee sadaa |38|
Sri Durga Devi, as Sri Yoginee, the Goddess of deeds, protects my senses which are the faculties for tasting, seeing, smelling, hearing and touching.  As Sri Narayani, the female form of Sri Narayana, the Maha Vishnu, She always protects the three types of characteristics such as goodness (Satva), passionate (Rajoe) and chaotic (Tamo).

आयू रक्षतु वाराही धर्मं रक्षतु वैष्णवी।
यशः कीर्तिं च लक्ष्मीं च धनं विद्यां च चक्रिणी॥३९॥
aayuu rakshathu vaaraahee dharmam rakshathu vaishNavee
yashah keerthin cha lakshmeen cha dhanam vidyaan cha chakriNee |39|
Sri Durga Devi, as Sri Varahi, protects the life; As Sri Vaishnavi, She protects the dharma. As Sri Lakshmi, she protects the success and fame; As Sri Chakrini, the Goddess with holy wheel, She protects the wealth and knowledge.

गोत्रामिन्द्राणि मे रक्षेत्पशून्मे रक्षा चण्डिके।
पुत्रान् रक्षेन्महालक्ष्मी भार्यां रक्षतु भैरवी॥४०॥
gothra-mindraaNi mae raksheth-pashoonmae raksha chaNdikae
puthraanh rakshen-mahaalakshmee Bhaaryaan rakshathu Bhairavee |40|
Sri Durga Devi, as Indrani, protects my relatives; As Sri Chandika, She protects the cattle. As Sri Maha Lakshmi, She protects my children; As Sri Bhairvai, the Goddess with dog as Her vehicle, She protects the spouse.

पन्थानं सुपथा रक्षेन्मार्गं क्षेमकरी तथा।
राजद्वारे महालक्ष्मीर्विजया सर्वतः स्थिता॥४१॥
panThaanam supaThaa rakshen-maargam kShemakaree thaThaa
raajadhvaare mahaa-lakshmeer-vijayaa sarvathah sThithaa |41|
Sri Durga Devi, as Sri Supatha, the Goddess of virtuous path, protects my journey; As Sri Kshemakari, the Goddess bestowing welfare, She protects my path (route). As Sri Mahalakshmi, the Goddess of royalty, She protects me in the court of king; As Sri Vijaya, the Goddess of victory, She protects me everywhere.

रक्षाहीनं तु यत्स्थानं वर्जितं कवचेन तु।
तत्सर्वं रक्ष मे देवी जयन्ती पापनाशिनी॥४२॥
rakshaa-heenam thu yathsThaanam varjitham kavachena thu
thathsarvam raksha me dhaevi jayanthee paapa-naashinee |42|
Sri Durga Devi, I humbly pray that, any part or place inadvertently omitted to be mentioned in this Kavacha Stotram be protected by You. As Sri Jayanthi, the Goddess of everlasting success, You destroy all the sins.

Sri Durga Kavach – Benefits of chanting

पदमेकं न गच्छेतु यदिच्छेच्छुभमात्मनः।
कवचेनावृतो नित्यं यात्र यत्रैव गच्छति॥४३॥
pada-mekam na gach-chethu yadeech-chech-chu-bhamaath-manah
kavachenaa- vritho nithyam yaathra yathraiva gach-chathi |43|
Whoever seeks auspiciousness should read this Kavach sincerely to protect himself. He should not take even a step without reading this.

तत्र तत्रार्थलाभश्च विजयः सर्व-कामिकः।
यं यं चिन्तयते कामं तं तं प्राप्नोति निश्चितम्।
परमैश्वर्यमतुलं प्राप्स्यते भूतले पुमान्॥४४॥
thathra thathraarTha-laabhashcha vijayah saarva-kaamikah
yam yam chinthayathae kaamam tham tham praapnothi nish-chithamh
paramaish-varya-mathulam praapsyathae bhoothalae pumaan |44|
Wherever ardent and devout chanting / reading of this Kavacha Stotram is done, it brings in success and fulfillment of all desires; Whatever is yearned for shall definitely materialize; whoever reads this Kavacha Stotram sincerely shall be bestowed with excellent prosperity on earth.

निर्भयो जायते मर्त्यः सङ्ग्रमेष्वपराजितः।
त्रैलोक्ये तु भवेत्पूज्यः कवचेनावृतः पुमान्॥४५॥
nirbhayo jaayathae marthyah  samgraa-meshhva-paraajithah
thrailokyae thu Bhaveth-poojyah kavache-naavrithah pumaan |45|
The person who protects himself by chanting this Kavacha Stotram has no fears; He never faces defeat in the battles. He becomes worthy of being revered and worshipped in the three worlds namely, earth, heaven and pathal (underground).

इदं तु देव्याः कवचं देवानामपि दुर्लभम्।
य:पठेत्प्रयतो नित्यं त्रिसन्ध्यं श्रद्धयान्वितः॥४६॥
idam thu devyaah kavacham dhevaa-naamapi dhurlabham
yah paTaeth-prayatho nithyam thrisandhyam shraddhayaan-vithah |46|
This Kavacha Stotram, which is not easily accessible even to Devas, should be sincerely chanted thrice a day, i.e morning, afternoon and the evening.

दैवी कला भवेत्तस्य त्रैलोक्येष्वपराजितः।
जीवेद् वर्षशतं साग्रामपमृत्युविवर्जितः॥४७॥
dhaivee kalaa bhaveth-thasya thrailokyeshhva-paraajithah
jeevedh varshashatham saagrama-pamrithyuvi-varjithah |47|
The person who so sincerely chants shall be blessed with divine arts and he shall remain undefeated in all the three worlds; He shall live for hundred years and He shall not have accidental death.

नश्यन्ति टयाधय: सर्वे लूताविस्फोटकादयः।
स्थावरं जङ्गमं चैव कृत्रिमं चापि यद्विषम्॥४८॥
nashyanthi vyaaDhayah sarvae loothaa-vispho-takaadayah
sThaavaram jangamam chaiva krithrimam chaapi yadviSham |48|
For the person who sincerely chants this Kavacha Stotram, the diseases such as skin rashes, boils etc., shall be eradicated; The poisonous matters in immovable substances (eg: trees) and movable substances (scorpion, snake etc.,) shall not affect him.

अभिचाराणि सर्वाणि मन्त्रयन्त्राणि भूतले।
भूचराः खेचराशचैव जलजाश्चोपदेशिकाः॥४९॥
aBhi-chaaraaNi sarvaaNi manthra-yanthraaNi Bhoothale
bhoo-charaah khe-charaash-chaiva jalajaash-chopa-deshikaah |49|
For the person who sincerely chants this Kavacha Stotram, the evil effects done by others through magical spells such as manthras (the ill intended ones) and yanthras (the geometric designs intended to invoke evilness) shall not fructify.  The goblins, the evil beings moving on earth, sky or anywhere shall not affect him.

सहजा कुलजा माला डाकिनी शाकिनी तथा।
अन्तरिक्षचरा घोरा डाकिन्यश्च महाबला॥५०॥
sahajaa kulajaa maalaa daakinee shaakinee thaThaa
anthariksha-charaa ghoraa daakin-yashcha mahaabalaa |50|
For the person who sincerely chants this Kavacha Stotram, the mesmerizing effects of the demonesses such as Sahaja, Kulaja, Daakini, Shakini, Thata and the other powerful demonesses shall not work on him.

ग्रहभूतपिशाचाश्च यक्षगन्धर्वराक्षसा:
ब्रह्मराक्षसवेतालाः कूष्माण्डा भैरवादयः॥५१॥
graha-Bhootha-pishaachaa-shcha  yaksha-gandharva-raakshasaah
brahma-raakshasa-vethaalaah kushmaaNdaa Bhairavaadayah |51|
For the person who sincerely chants this Kavacha Stotram, the evil effects of the activities of planets, goblins, spirits (of people who die before their time), yakshas (natural spirits), gandharvas (the enticers), demons, brahma rakshasas (the possessed demons), ghosts etc., shall not work on him.

नश्यन्ति दर्शनात्तस्य कवचे हृदि संस्थिते।
मानोन्नतिर्भावेद्राज्यं तेजोवृद्धिकरं परम्॥५२॥
nashyanthi darshanaathasya kavache hridi samsthithae
maano-nnathir-Bhaved-raajyam thejov-riddhikaram paramh |52|
The very sight of the person who sincerely chants and keeps this Kavacha Stotram in his heart and mind, drives away and destroys all evils.  The kingdom aspired by him (his wishes) shall be granted and his brightness (prosperity and fame) shall improve.

यशसा वद्धते सोऽपी कीर्तिमण्डितभूतले।
जपेत्सप्तशतीं चणण्डीं कृत्वा तु कवचं पूरा॥५३॥
yashasaa vard-dharthe so-api keerthi-maNditha-Bhoothale
japeth-saptha-shatheen chaNdeen krithvaa thu kavacham pooraa |53|
The person who chants this Kavacha Stotram with sincerity and devotion shall be blessed with more respect and prowess.  By chanting the Kavacha Stotram and saptha sathi, he rises in fame and prosperity on earth.

यावद्भूमण्डलं धत्ते सशैलवनकाननम्।
तावत्तिष्ठति मेदिनयां सन्ततिः पुत्रपौत्रिकी॥५४॥
yaavadh-bhoo-maNdalam Dhatte sashaila-vanakaana-namh
thaavaththiSh-THathi medinyaan santhathih puthra pauthrikee |54|
For the person who sincerely chants this Kavacha Stotram, his progeny of children and grandchildren shall thrive in this world, as long as the earth is rich with mountains and forests.

देहान्ते परमं स्थानं यात्सुरैरपि दुर्लभम्।
प्राप्नोति पुरुषो नित्यं महामायाप्रसादतः॥५५॥
dehaanthae paramam sThaanam yathsu-rai-rapi dhurlaBham
praapnothi purushho nithyam mahaamaayaa-prasaadhathah |55|
The person who sincerely chants this Kavacha Stotram shall attain an eternal position which cannot be easily accessed even by Devas. Sri Durga Devi as Maha Mayaa shall bless this attainment.

लभते परमं रूपं शिवेन सह मोदते ॥ॐ॥ ॥५६॥
labhathe paramam roopam ; shivena saha modathe .. OM |56|
The person who sincerely chants this Kavacha Stotram shall obtain the eternal form and shall be in the blissful company of Lord Shiva.

इति श्री देव्याः कवचं सम्पूर्णम्
iti sri deyvah: kavacham sampoorNam.
Thus, Sri Durga Devi Kavacham is completed.

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