Sri Chaitanya Maha Prabhu Jayanthi

Sri Chaitanya
Hare Krishna

Sri Chaitanya Maha Prabhu was an exponent of the philosophy of Achintya beda abheda. It means the unique concept of God being inconceivable one-ness as well as being several.

Sri Chaitanya Maha Prabhu was an ardent Vishnu-Bhakt especially Sri Krishna. He espoused the Bhakti Yoga in the form of chanting Hare Krishna. He had advocated the devotion in the form of song and dance. He had also founded Gaudiya Vaishavism which is called as Brahma Madhva Gaudiya Sampradaya.

Sri Chaitanya
Sri Krishna

Sri Chaitanya – life history

Sri Chaitanya was born on 18th February 1486 at Naba-Dweep, Bengal (West Bengal) on the Phalguna Purnima day. In the year 2024, His birthday is on Monday, 25th March 2024.

His primary name was Sri Vishvambar Mishra.  The name Chaitanya means “one who is conscious”.  Sri Jagannath Mishra and Sri Sachi Devi are His parents.

Since He was fair colored, He was called as Gaura or Gauranga. His birthday is also celebrated as Gaura Purnima. As he was also born under a neem tree, He was named as Sri Nimai.


Whenever He cried, if someone clapped the hands chanting the names of Sri Krishna, He used to stop crying. The neighborhood ladies used to test this by making Him cry and then stopping it by clapping and chanting.

Even as a child, He used to sing hymns praising Bhagwan Rama and Sri Krishna. When His father passed away at a young age, He started a Sanskrit school and was looking after His mother till He was 24.


Sri Chaitanya had shown interest in chanting Sri Krishna mantra from the tender age. When He was going to Gaya to perform the last rites of His departed father, He had met Sri Ishvara Puri. Sri Ishvara Puri was His Guru who taught the Sri Krishna Maha mantra to Sri Chaitanya.


He was ordained into Sanyasam by Swami Keshava Bharathi. After becoming Sanyasi, His name has been changed to Sri Chaitanya Maha Prabhu.

After getting Sanyasam, Sri Chaitanya had travelled to the length and breadth of Bharath to teach and practice His Bhakti yoga. He had re-lived in His mind, the incidents in the lives of Sri Radha and Sri Krishna at Vrindavan.

Krishna Bhakti

He had imagined Himself to be Radha; He had sung many songs in praise of and as expression of love towards Sri Krishna.

Even though He took Sanyasam, He had kept only Puri as His head quarters as wished by His mother.

His disciples

He had lots of disciples who followed His footsteps. Alongwith His disciples, He used to sing the devotional songs on Sri Krishna with the accompaniment of musical instruments.

His discourses

He used to give discourses on Srimad Bhagavd Gita and Sri Bhagavatham. He was the founder of the world renowned Sri Krishna Maha Mantra.

He was well versed in Sanskrit. He had composed Shikshashtakam.

His teachings were consolidated as Sri Chaitanya Charithamrut.


His followers firmly believe that Sri Chaitanya is another incarnation of Sri Maha Vishnu. It is said that His mother looked at Him as Sri Krishna and Sri Balarama.

He is said to have cured many people of several deceases.

Sri Chaitanya reaching God

In the year 1534, at the age of 48, Sri Chaitanya had reached Sri Krishna’s abode by clutching the small statue of Sri Jagannath.

Hare Rama Hare Rama
Rama Rama Hare Hare
Hare Krishna Hare Krishna
Krishna Krishna Hare Hare

[Note: The dates and names were referred from]
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