Paapa Hara Dashami

Paapa Hara Dashami
Paapa Hara Dashami

Paapa Hara Dashami is the festival ascribed to Bhagwan Rama. It occurs on the Shukla Paksha Dashami of Jyeshta month. It occurs on Sunday, 16th June 2024. The exact duration of the Dashami Tithi has to be ascertained from the respective regional calendars. This festival is also called as Dasha hara Dashami.

As per the legend, Paapa Hara Dashami is believed to be the day when Bhagwan Rama had consecrated Shiv Ling at Rameshvaram to alleviate His Brahma-hatya dosh.  Hence, this event is one of the post victory events observed by Bhagwan Rama after defeating and diminishing the demon Ravana.

The Shiv Ling set and dedicated by Bhagwan Rama is called as Sri Ramanatha Swamy as well as Sri Ramalingam. The Ling was made of sand.

As per the legend, observation of Vrat on this day is said to alleviate ten types of sins committed by the mind, talk and the body.  It is also believed that the effects of Karma of the deeds done in previous birth also get alleviated.

For observation of this festival, people visit Sri Ramanatha Swamy temple at Rameshvaram and take holy dip in the Agni Theertham inside the temple. Then they take holy dip in the other water bodies of the temple. They worship Bhagwan Shiva and Bhagwan Rama on this day.

For those who cannot visit Ramshvaram, the Vrat has to be observed by keeping both Sri Shiv and Sri Vishnu in mind and taking pledge not to commit any sin.  As the day occurs prior to Nirjala Ekadashi, some devotees observe fasting on this as well.

It is believed that as per Skandha Puran, observation of the Vrat gives virtuous benefits equal to conducting of Ashva-medh Yagna. It is considered auspicious to do obeisance to the departed souls through tharpan. Making donations to the poor and the needy is said to be beneficial.

The day also coincides with Ganga Dussehra, the day when river Ganga descended on earth.

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