Kattazhagiya Singar Koil

Kattazhagiya Singar Koil
Kattazhagiya Singar Koil

Kattazhagiya Singar Koil is Sri Narasimha Temple situated at Thiruchi, Tamilnadu. The meaning of “Kattazhagiya Singar” is “the handsome Lion man of the forest”.

As per the legend, the place was once a dense forest. There were elephants which used to enter the nearby villages and cause damages. The devotees were said to have prayed to Sri Narasimha to protect them from the elephants. They were said to have built a temple here. Thereafter, the elephants stopped giving menace.

Kattazhagiya Singar Koil

The temple is believed to be more than 500 years old. It is believed that Sri Pillai Lokacharyar, the disciple of Sri Ramanuja had composed Sri Vachana Bhushanam and other 18 scriptures in this temple.

Kattazhagiya Singar Koil


The main Deity is Sri Lakshmi Narasimhar. Unlike other temples, here the Deity is facing west. Sri Lakshmi Narasimhar is eight feet tall. He has four hands. His upper hands hold the Shank (the conch) and the Sri Chakra (the holy wheel).

Sri Mahalakshmi is sitting on His left lap. Sri Perumal’s lower right hand is in Abhaya Hastha posture which grants protection and the lower left hand has encircled Sri Thayar.

On Vijayadashami day, Sri Rangam Sri Ranganathar visits this temple and stays in the maha mandapam from morning to the evening. In the evening, he leaves on the horse vahan. This ritual happens every year.

On the Swathi Star day, the birth star of Sri Narasimha, special abhishekam (thirumanjanam) is conducted.

Kattazhagiya Singar Koil
Main Sanctum view

The sthala vruksham is vanni (sami) tree.

Kattazhagiya Singar Koil

It is believed to be auspicious to pray to Sri Narasimhar here at Pradosham time. Such special prayers are done for seeking job, marriage and progeny. After fulfillment of the wishes, the devotees offer abhishekam (Thirumanjanam) and vashthram (garments) to the Deity.


Panguni Yugadhi in March-April, Narasimha Jayanthi in May, Aani Swathi in June-July and Jeshtabhishekam in July-August are some of the major festivals of the temple.

During festivals, the smearing fragrant oil for the Deity is being sent from Sri Rangam temple for Neivedyam. The oil preparation is called “Thaila kaapu”.


The temple is open from 6.15 A.M to 12.00 Noon and from 5.00 P.M to 8.30 P.M. The timing may differ on festival days and special occasions.

How to reach

Buses are available from Thiruchi Chathiram bus stand. Local taxis and autos are also available. Similar to this temple, there appear to be Mettu Azhagiya Singar and Attru Azhagiya Singar temples in Thiruchi.

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