Jyeshta Gowri Puja

Jyeshta Gowri Puja
Sri Gowri Devi

Jyeshta Gowri Puja is the festival which occurs for a period of three days commencing from Shukla Paksha Ashtami and ending on Shukla Paksha Dhashami of Bhadra Padha month. The Puja is ascribed to the worship of Sri Gowri Devi, an incarnation of Sri Parvathi Devi. The festival forms part of Ganesh Chathurthi festivals at Maharashtra and Konkan regions.

The first day of the festival is called as Jyeshta Gowri Avaahan and the last day is called as Jyeshta Gowri Visarjan. For the Year 2023, Jyeshta Gowri Avaahan occurs on Thursday, 21st September 2023 and Jyeshta Gowri Visarajan occurs on Saturday, 23rd September 2023. The exact duration of Tithi from Ashtami to Dhashami has to be ascertained from the respective regional calendar.

On Jyeshta Gowri Avahana day, the vigraha of Sri Gowri is kept at the Puja place at home and both the Gods are invoked through slokams and prayers. The Vrat is also called Shodas Uma Vrat as number ‘’sixteen’’ is revered in this vrat. Pairs of Sri Gowri such as Jyeshta – Kanishta and Sakhi – Parvathi are invoked during the festival. The idol of Sri Gowri may be made of either clay or turmeric or pebbles.

On the middle day, i.e Friday, 22nd September 2023, a full fledged archana and puja is conducted to Sri Gowri Devi.

Devotees observe partial / complete fasting for these three days. Women take holy bath and attire themselves in traditional dresses. The holy feet of Sri Gowri Devi are drawn along-with Rangoli from the house entrance to the puja places. At some regions, the practice of keeping Kalash filled up with water is being followed.

Puja is done with Turmeric, Kumkum and flowers. Sixteen types of dishes are offered as Neivedyam and sixteen lamps are used for giving Aarti.

On the last day, the idol of Sri Gowri Devi is immersed in water. It is believed that Sri Gowri Devi reaches the Sri Kailash Mountain on Jyeshta Gowri Visarjan / Udwasan day.

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