Indreswar Temple near Arumandai

Indreshwar Temple

Indreswar Temple which also is called as Someswar Temple is situated near Arumandhai which is 7 to 8 kilometers from Red Hills near Chennai. It is situated on the left side enroute Gnayiru Temple in Gnayiru village.

Sri Nandikeshwar

It is believed that

When Devas (Gods) and Asuras (Demons) were having war, a situation arose whereby Devas were rapidly losing and Indra, the Head of Devas, was very much worried that he wished to invoke the blessings of Bhagwan Shiva to give him strength to win the battle. He also feared for his life. He was in search of a calm place where he can worship Bhagwan Shiva.

He sighted this place and made a Shiv Linga on the ground by chanting the manthras. He was doing poojas to the Shiv Linga continuously almost as a penance. Eventually, Bhagwan Shiva granted him boons which enabled him to achieve victory in the war.

Main sanctum entrance

The Shiv Linga established by Indra was lying in open land with Nagas (snakes) surrounding it. During Chola Kings’ period, a temple like structure was built around the Shiv Linga.

As the Shiv Linga was originally established by Indra, who himself is a Deva, the sanctum surrounding the Shiv Linga is built in round shape depicting the back side of an elephant. It is called gaja brushtam model.

Gaja Brushtam model

The sanctum of amman is in built in square shape. Here the Amman is called as Devesenambika named after the daughter of Indra or saviour of Deva’s army. Here, the Amman’s vigraham (statue) has open eyes. During Aarthi time, we can see the eyes of Ambal seeing us. As a rarity, here Amman has Nandhi (Bull) as her vahana (vehicle).

There are also Sundara Vinayagar and Subramania sanctums. As the temple is not established by humans, there is no Dwajasthambam (Holy flag staff at the entrance). All the statutes here are made of Maragathakkal, a green gem stone.

Vinayaka Sannidhi

The temple is existing for more yugas. Though situated in a small village, as the temple is not under any endowment, each house in the village takes turn to conduct pradoshams during thrayodasi (13th day from Amavasya or Poornima) and chathurthi poojas.

A beautiful pond near the temple adds to the serenity.

Temple tank

Nice temple to visit for a cool, quiet and calm ambience.

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