Bhairavi Jayanthi

Bhairavi Jayanthi
Bhairavi Jayanthi

Bhairvai Jayanthi is the festival ascribed to the incarnation of Sri Bhairavi, one of the manifestations of Sri Parvathi Devi as Sri Dasha Maha Vidya. The Deities comprising of Sri Kali, Sri Tripura Sundari (Sodashi), Sri Bhuvaneshwari, Sri Tara, Sri Tripura Bhairavi, Sri Chinnamastha, Sri Dhumavathi, Sri Bhagala Mukhi, Sri Mathangi and Sri Kamala are collectively called as Sri Dasha Maha Vidya Devis.

Bhairavi Jayanthi occurs on the Pournami (Full Moon day) of the Margashira month. For the Year 2021, the festival occurs on Saturday, 19th December 2021. The exact duration of the Pournami Tithi has to be ascertained from the respective regional calendars. The festival is also called as Tripura Bharivai Jayanthi.

Goddess Bhairavi is the one who bestows and blesses wisdom, knowledge, success and progress. She is the provider of bhava, bandhan and mochan.

Other names of Sri Bhairvai

-Sri Bala Bhairvai
-Sri Kala Bhairavi
-Sri Tripura Bhairavi
-Sri Chaitanya Bhairavi
-Sri Siddha Bhairavi
-Sri Bhuvaneshwari Bhairavi
-Sri Sampadha-pradh Bhairavi
-Sri Kamleshwari Bhairavi
-Sri Kauleshwari Bhairavi
-Sri Kameshwari Bhairavi
-Sri Nithya Bhairavi
-Sri Rudra Bhairavi
-Sri Bhadra Bhairavi
-Sri Shat-kuta Bhairavi


Sri Bhairavi Devi is normally worshipped through Tantric method. Special Homam / Havan / Yagna are performed at the temples, mandaps and other places of worship. After Purna ahudhi, prasad is distributed to all the devotees.

As per custom, atleast nine girls below ten years of age are invited to the Puja place. They are revered as Kanya Devi Swaroop. They are offered feast and new dresses are given to them. This practice is considered as virtuous as well as auspicious.

Making donation of food, money and clothing to the poor and needy is considered auspicious.


The following are the possible benefits of observing Bhairavi Jayanthi

-Success in the endeavours
-Removal of ill effects of planetary alignments
-Prevention of infections
-Alleviation of sinful effects of karma
-good health for the family

ॐ त्रिपुरायै च विद्महे भैरव्यै च धीमहि तन्नो देवी प्रचोदयात्
om thripuraayai cha vidhmahae bhairavyai cha Dheemahi thanno dhaevee prachodhayaath

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