Rang Panchami

Rang Panchami
Sri Krishna and Sri Radha

Rang Panchami is the festival ascribed to Sri Krishna and Sri Radha. It occurs on the Krishna Paksha Panchami of Phalguna month. In effect, it is the fifth day from the Holi festival.

Rang Panchami is on Saturday, 30th March 2024. The duration of the Panchami Tithi has to be ascertained from the respective regional calendar. The celebrations are very much similar to Holi festival.

Rang Panchami is believed to be the Marathi tradition. However, it has been spread to the places where Marata Kings had ruled. It is celebrated in Maharashtra, Bihar, Uttar-Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, and other parts of Northern India. It is mostly celebrated in the rural areas.

Rang Panchami – celebrations

Holi festival is celebrated by lighting a bon fire the previous day. It is believed that the fire purifies the bad elements in the atmosphere.

Rang Panchami is celebrated as a mark of appreciation to Panch Tatva, the five elements of nature such as earth, sky, air, water and fire.

Similar to Holi, people sprinkle fragrant red powder which is known as gulal on each other; They also splash around the colored water.

Five basic colors are considered and five Deities associated with the respective colors are invoked. The Deities considered for worshipping are the savior form of Deities. Mostly, it is only Sri Krishna and Sri Radha.

In some places, the procession of the tank of colored water with jets and canons pulled by a camel is carried out. Everyone in the streets is drenched with the colored water.

The fishermen community in Maharashtra is said to celebrate this festival with gusto. They indulge in singing and dancing apart from splashing the colors around.

In some places, special pujas are done for Sri Krishna and Sri Radha. The special dance called Palkhi dance is also performed.

Similar to Holi, sumptuous and tasty snacks are prepared, offered as Neivedyam to God and partaken by all.

In all Krishna temples, special pujas are done.

Thus, Rang Panchami is the happy community festival whereby people bury their hatred and differences. They celebrate the festival in harmony.

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