Sri Subramanya Swamy Temple, Thiruthani

Thiruthani Murugan Temple

Thiruthani is the town situated near Kanchipuram. Sri Subramanya Swami temple situated there is ascribed to the worship of Bhagwan Muruga. The temple is situated on a single rock which is nearly 700 feet above sea level. The hillock is surrounded by mesmeric mountain range. The place is also called as Shanthipuri.


It is one of the Arupadai Veedu (six holy war camps) temples of Bhagwan Muruga. The other five temples are Sri Dhandayutha Pani Temple-Palani, Sri Swamynatha Swami Temple-Swami malai, Sri Subramanya Swami Temple-Thirupparankunram, Sri Subramanya Swami Temple-Thiruchendur and Sri Subramanya Swami Temple-Pazhamudhir Cholai.


There are a few legends associated with the temple.

“Thanigai” in Tamil means cooling down. The place where Bhagwan Muruga let go off His anger after diminishing the demon Surapadma is reverentially called as Thiruthanigai which later on became Thiruthani.

During Ramayana time, Bhagwan Ram had visited the temple to worship Bhagwan Muruga after He had consecrated Bhagwan Ramalingeshwara at Rameshwaram.

During Maha Bharatha time, Arjun had worshipped Sri Muruga here as part of his travel to Southern Bharat.


The Srichakra of Bhagwan Vishnu was usurped by Tarakasura, the brother of Surapadma. With the blessings of Sri Thiruthani Muruga, Bhagwan Vishnu had received His Srichakra back.

The wounds (due to the churning of cosmic ocean) of the holy serpent Vasuki were said to be healed after his visit to Thiruthani to worship Bhagwan Muruga.


It is also believed that Bhagwan Muruga had married Sri Valli at this place.

The sandal stone used for extracting sandal from the sandalwood is said to be gifted by Sri Indra to Bhagwan Muruga as Sreedhaan for marrying Sri Devyani. The sandal paste offered on the festival days at this temple is blended with water and taken by the devotees as prasadam.


There is another belief that Sri Indra had also offered his Celestial White Elephant Airavatham to Bhagwan Muruga as Sridhaan. However, Sri Indra had felt that the leaving of Airawatham had somewhat dented his prosperity. Though Bhagwan Muruga offered to give back the elephant, he refused to take it back.


The temple is built on a hillock.  Those opting to go by walk to the temple from the foothill have to mount 365 steps to reach the top. The 365 steps are said to denote the days of the year. It is believed that at around the year 1917, Sri Vallimalai Swamigal had commenced the system of doing Puja to the steps before the dawn of new year. The ritual is called as Padi Puja. The sacred hymn named Thiruppugazh is chanted during this Puja.


The temple tank named Sri Brahma Sunai is situated near the temple steps. It is belived that Sri Brahma had taken the holy dip at this waterbody to get the blessings of Sri Murugan.

It is believed to be built by Pallava Kings in 9th to 10th Century C.E and later expanded by Chola Kings.


The temple is open from 06.00 A.M to 09.00 P.M. Vishvaroopa Darshan commences at 06.00 A.M. Kala Sandhi Puja is done at 08.00 A.M followed by Uchi Kala Puja at 12.00 Noon, Saya Ratcha Puja at 05.00 P.M, Ardha Jama Puja at 08.00 P.M and Palli Arai Puja at 08.45 P.M.  During Sundays and Tuesdays, Kala Sarpa Dosha Nivarthi Puja is done at 05.00 A.M.

The Puja timings may differ during festivals.


In the main sanctum which is in the elevated mandapam, Bhagwan Muruga is in a separate shrine in the middle. On either side of the central shrine, there are separate shrines for Sri Valli Devi and Sri Devyani Devi.

There is a separate Shrine for Sri Bhairav where prayers are offered for getting good education.

Panchamirtha Abhishekam, Thiru Kalyana Urchavam, Sandhana Kaapu, Thanga Kavacham, Kiruthika Archana and Sahasra Nama Archana are some of the special pujas done at the temple. The devotees also offer their worship by pulling silver and golden chariot around the temple premises.

New Year Padi Puja, Aadi Kiruththigai, Thai Poosam, Vaikasi Visakam, Skandha Sashti in Aipasi month, Karthika Deepam are the major festivals celebrated in this temple. Annual Brahmotsavam with Theppam is held in Masi month. All Tuesdays, Krithika Star-days and Sashti days are considered auspicious and worshipping Bhagwan Muruga on these days is considered virtuous.

Devotees seeking to resolve marriage issues and those seek peace of mind and prosperity pray to Bhagwan Muruga here ardently.

Thiruthani can be reached from Chennai and Thirupathi. Buses are available from all the towns in Tamilnadu. Cabs can also be booked.

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