Kundrathur Murugan Temple

Kundrathur Murugan Temple
Kundrathur Murugan Temple

Kundrathur Murugan Temple is the temple ascribed to Lord Sri Subramanya. The temple is situated at Kundrathur, a small hillock near Porur, Chennai.


As per belief, Lord Muruga had stayed at this place during His sojourn from Thiruporur to Thiruthani.  The temple is also called as Dakshina Thanikai temple.

Lord Muruga had taken rest here and consecrated a Shiv Ling for doing Puja. Sri Shiva is called as Sri Kandaleeswarar.


The temple is believed to be built by Kulothunga Chola II. The temple is revered in Thirupugazh by Sri Arunagiri Nathar.


The temple is situated on the small hillock having 84 steps. There is a shrine for Sri Valanchuzhi Vinayaka on the route. For those who cannot mount the steps, there is a dedicated motor road upto the entrance.

Kundrathur Murugan Temple
Kundrathur Murugan Temple

The entrance on the elevated mandapam has five tiered rajagopuram. Soon on entering, one can sight the sanctum of Lord Vinayaka. The main sanctum of Lord Muruga is on the elevated artha mandapam.

At the main sanctum, Lord Subramanya is flanked with Sri Valli and Sri Devyani. The specialty of the darshan is that when we enter the sanctum, Lord Muruga is visible with Sri Devyani. Near the entrance of Garba Gruha, Lord is visible with two Devis. On exiting, Lord Muruga is visible with only Sri Valli. It is sincerely believed that worshipping Sri Subramanya here alleviates all obstacles in fixing up marriages.

There are shrines for Sri Kasi Viswanath, Sri Kasi Visalakshi and Goddess Durga in the main sanctum.

At the parikrama hall, the sanctum of Nava Grahas is situated. There is a dedicated worship place for Sri Naga.

There is a dedicated shrine for Sri Sekizhar at the foot of the hillock. Sekizhar is the composer of Periya Puranam, the life history of all the sixty three nayanmars. Kundrathur is the birthplace of Sri Sekizhar. During Sekizhar Guru Puja, urchava murthy of Lord Muruga comes down to the sanctum of Sri Sekizhar.


Pujas are done to the Deities five times a day. They are Gho Puja at 6.30 A.M, Kalasandhi at 8.00 A.M, Uchikala Puja at 12.00 Noon, Sayaratchai at 6.00 P.M and Arthajama Puja at 8.00 P.M. Each Puja is done with alankaram, neivedyam and arathanai.


Every Kruthika Star-day is grandly celebrated. Thai Poosam (January), Vaikasi Visakam (May), Panguni Uthiram (February – March), Karthigai festival and Skandha Sashti are celebrated at the temple.


The temple is open from 6.30 A.M to 12.30 P.M and from 4.00 P.M to 8.00 P.M.

How to reach

The temple is easily reachable by bus from Porur. Taxis can also be booked.

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