Jayanti Mata Mandir Mohali

Jayanti Mata Mandir
Sri Jayanti Devi

Sri Jayanti Mata Mandir is situated in the Village named Jayanti Majri at the Mohali district of Punjab. The temple is ascribed to Sri Jayanti Devi, one of the manifestations of Sri Parvathi Devi. “Jayanti” means Goddess of Victory.

Sri Jayanti Devi is considered one of the Saptha Matas of Kangra Valley of Himachal Pradesh. The Saptha Mata Devis are Sri Naina Devi, Sri Jwala Mukhi, Sri Chinth Purni, Sri Mansa Devi, Sri Brajeshwari, Sri Chamunda Devi and Sri Jayanti Devi.

As per the legend, the original temple for Sri Jayanti Devi is situated at Kangra. A girl in Kangra was an ardent devotee of Sri Jayanti Mata. When her marriage was fixed with the King of Hithnour, she was reluctant to leave the village as she did not want to miss Sri Jayanti Devi.

One day, Sri Jayanti Devi had appeared in her dream and told her that they would not be separated. After the marriage when the bride and groom were leaving for Hithnour, the palanquin could not be lifted.

The bride then told her father about her dream. Her father had then immediately had given her a vigraha of Sri Jayanti Devi. The bride brought the statue and built a temple in Majri.

The temple is believed to be more than 600 years old. At the base of the temple, there is a well which provides excellent sweet water.

From the base, one has to climb up hundred or so steps to reach the main sanctum. At the beginning of the steps, we worship the Dwajasthambam.

Jayanti Mata Mandir
Temple Entrance
Jayanti Mata Mandir

The main sanctum is on an elevated structure above the hillock.

Jayanti Mata Mandir
Jayanti Mata Mandir
Elevated Main Sanctum

On reaching the main sanctum, we are blessed with the darshan of Sri Jayanti Devi.

Jayanti Mata Mandir
Simha Vahan
Jayanti Mata Mandir
Main Shrine

On perambulation, we get the darshan of Sri Ganesh, Sri Shiv, Sri Lakshmi, Sri Lokda Dev, Sri Bala Sundari and other local folklore Deities.

In the left and right side of the perambulation way, there are small balconies from which we are blessed with scenic views of the valley and hills around.

Jayanti Mata Mandir
Jayanti Mata Mandir
Valley View

We can sit in front of the main sanctum for meditation and prayer. When we come down from the main sanctum, we have the option of partaking of prasad at the dining hall.

Sri Jayanti Devi temple can be reached from Chandigarh / Mohali by catching a bus at ISBT 43 to ST Barrier. From ST Barrier, the auto can be hired to reach and come back from the temple. The temple is around 6 KM away from ST barrier.

Taxis can also be booked from Chandigarh / Mohali for a round trip.

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