Dev Diwali

Dev Diwali
Sri Tripurantaka

Dev Diwali is the festival associated with Karthika Purnima predominantly celebrated in Varanasi. For the Year 2022, it occurs on Monday, 7th November 2022. The exact duration of the Pournami Tithi has to be ascertained from the respective regional calendars.

The festival commences from the Krishna Paksha Ekadashi of the Karthika month and culminates on the Karthika Purnima day. Dev Diwali is also called as Tripurotsav and Tripurari Purnima.

As per the legend, there was a demon named Tarakasur who had three sons called Tarakaksha, Vidyunmali and Kamalaksha. The trio got a boon from Sri Brahma that they could be killed only if a single arrow pierces them together at a time.

Since it was a tough task, no one dared to fight them. This gave the trio the edge to conquer all. They were creating havoc allover. The trio demons had built a moving metal city for each of them and were ruling the universe.

The Devas then went to Bhagwan Shiva to destroy the demons. He told them that it would be tough to diminish them single handedly. All the Devas got together and prepared a rath with all their powers.

Surya, Chandra, ridvik, maya, bhumi, heaven, mountains, tathvas, clouds, purans, sastra, samudras were its parts. Four Vedas were four horses. Brahma was Sarathy. Sarathy’s handstick was pranavam. Maha meru was the bow. Vishnu was the arrow. Vasuki was the string.

Chanting the ekakshar mantra of Sri Vinayak, Bhagwan Shiva had sent the arrow. It had pierced the three demons. This happened on Karthika Pournami.

Along with the demons, their three metal cities also had been destroyed. Hence Bhagwan Shiva is also hailed as Tripuranthaka.

Dev Diwali
Dev Diwali

Dev Diwali is celebrated in Varanasi in commemoration of the destroying of three Asuras by Bhagwan Shiva. The devotees take the holy dip in the Ganges at all the ghats. They light the diyas at the river bed and at their homes. They also worship Sri Kasi Viswanath on this day.

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