Champa Sashti

Champa Sashti
Champa Sashti

Champa Sashti is the festival ascribed to the worshipping of Bhagwan Shiva as Sri Khandoba. The festival is predominantly celebrated in Maharashtra. In Maharashtra, Bhagwan Shiva is affectionately called as Sri Khandoba and Sri Maha Vishnu is called as Sri Vittoaba.

Champa Sashti occurs on the Shukla Paksha Sashti of Margashira month. For the Year 2022, it occurs on Tuesday, 29th November 2022. The exact duration of the Sashti Tithi has to be ascertained from the respective regional calendars.

As per the legend, there were two fiery demons Mani and Malla who were causing trouble to all. Based on the pleas made by the Devas, Bhagwan Shiva Himself had decided to diminish the demons. He took the form of a dazzling figure and had His face covered with turmeric.

From the Amavasya day, He fought with them fiercely. On the sixth day of Sashti, the demons were defeated. Before dying, the demon Mani had asked for a boon from Bhagwan Shiva whereby he could always be with Him. Bhagwan Shiva had granted that Mani could always be with Him. It is believed that the idol of Mani is placed in all Sri Khandoba temples.

The festival is predominantly celebrated at Sri Khandoba temple at Pune. From the Amavasya day, the devotees visit Sri Khandoba temple early in the morning for six days. They light ghee lamp in front of the Shrine of Sri Khandoba.

They read and recite the Slokas in praise of Sri Khandoba.

For the six days, the devotees offer vegetables, fruits, turmeric and bilva leaves to Sri Khandoba in prayer. They also observe fasting. On the sixth day, they offer the dishes made of wheat flour to Sri Khandoba as Neivedyam. They break their fast by partaking of the Prasadam.

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